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Tea Time Muffins

English Tea Time with Tea Time Muffins

English Muffins These tea time muffins are perfect for celebrating tea time at home. We have already proven on our travels that we like English tea time. Again and again we like to go to tea rooms or hotels where you can enjoy tea in such an elegant way. In Germany, however, we don't find it that way ...
Chesterman Beach Ravens Michael Becker - Crafts and Design

Art close up in Tofino on Vancouver Island

Indian handicrafts Indian handicrafts in Tofino? But yes. We discover that during our visit on the occasion of the Pacific Rim Whale Festival. Although we stay at the Long Beach Lodge, we also visit other hotels because there are events taking place there. One of the top hotels in Canada, the Wickaninnish Inn employs sculptors and Native American carvers. These produce almost all of the Native American handicrafts that ...
The old waterwheel works today

Spend the night in the old forge near Anthering near Salzburg

The Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering near Salzburg Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering is classified as a Naturidyll Hotel. This fits perfectly. There is nothing around the hotel but forest and a stream that flows right next to the forge. We are immediately impressed by the location of the hotel. The Naturidyllhotel Hammerschmiede is only about 15 minutes away from Salzburg train station in Austria ...
Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee

Hotel full of stories - Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee in Carinthia

At the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee We love hotels like the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee in Carinthia, Austria! These are the ones who tell stories. From people, from events and even from animals. The Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee is full of them. During the two days that we spent there, I could only have listened to Frau Cieslar's stories. She is ...
French baking - French fig cake with cinnamon chocolate

French Baking - Fig Cake Recipe to Savor

French baking: fig cake recipe A fig cake recipe that whets your appetite. Yesterday we tested that French baking is also fun at home with this fig cake recipe from France. If you feel the same way as we do, then every now and then you bring the taste of your travel destination into your own kitchen. We went on a river cruise this spring ...
Picnic What you have to take with you

Picnic - What do you have to bring? You can order it here.

Picnic - What do you have to bring? In response to the question Picnic What do you have to bring? you can find answers here. There are also accessories that make your excursion into nature an experience. Discover what's in right now. Here you will find equipment for eating in the garden or on the go, while hiking or in a scenic spot. So you can enjoy your trip, ...
Macarons recipes

Macarons recipes for connoisseurs

Macarons recipes to bake yourself We learned that macarons recipes are diverse on a food tour in Toronto. I know! Macarons come from France. They are among the best pastries France has to offer. However, they are just as popular in Canada. Especially in the provinces in the east you can often find them in markets or even in specialty shops ...
The most beautiful pictures 2015 Asens By in Sweden

A touch of Bullerbü and Lönneberga in Asens By

A trip from Jönköping to Asens By We are looking for Bullerbü and Lönneberga. We set off from the Vox Hotel in Jönköping to explore the area around Lake Vättern. Our destination is the Asens By museum village. This is a good half hour away by car. That's exactly how I imagined Sweden to be: pretty, red-painted wooden houses ...
At the Heuriger

Enjoyment tips from our Twitter friends

Since our article about pleasure travel attracted so much interest on our social media channels, we wanted to know from our friends on Twitter what “pleasure travel” means to them. Suggestions emerged that we would like to continue to discuss in our travels. Here are her enjoyment tips: Enjoyment tips: Time The time factor plays a role for Sina...
The Jardin Marimurtra in Blanes

Lloret de Mar sights

Lloret de Mar Sightseeing Beach holidays on the Costa Brava, where you lie on the beach all day, is not our way of traveling. After an hour in the beach bar, we usually get bored, and we look for places of interest in Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area where we can while away the time. Instead, we like to see each other ...


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