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Travel Tips for Slow Travelers

In these slow travel tips you will find ideas and suggestions on how to experience your travels consciously. Take your time and get to know your travel destinations intensively. It's not just the highlights that make a travel destination interesting. On the contrary! You only really get to know a country if you renounce mass tourism. You will only meet other tourists there. Isn't it much more exciting to take a look behind the scenes? To get closer to a country and its people? With these slow travel tips it is easy to do.

Travel to Usedom because of the piano on the beach - Baltic Sea places

Travel to Usedom - not just because of the music

Three days road trip with music to the Usedom sights Travel to Usedom - most of them do this to experience places in the Baltic Sea. Let the wind blow around your nose. To make a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea. Watch the waves calm down on the beach. The island of Usedom and ...
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Holidays in Austria with hiking for slow travelers

Holidays in Austria with hiking for slow travelers Anyone who knows us knows that we don't like hikes that go uphill. The hikes shouldn't be strenuous. Instead, we are looking for hiking trails that anyone can do. The hikes should promise enjoyment. Offer beautiful prospects. They should be interesting ...
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Wellness weekend at the Chiemsee excursion destination Chiemgau

Wellness weekend at the Chiemsee and the surrounding area

Wellness weekend at the Chiemsee and the surrounding area The Chiemsee is not only a slow travel destination in the Chiemgau in spring and summer. In autumn and winter you can spend a wellness weekend at the Chiemsee and the surrounding area. There are opportunities for this in the Chiemgau and Chiemsee. We enjoyed a foot massage at Prienavera ...
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Villa in Miami Beach

Experience Miami attractions by boat

See Miami Attractions by Boat There are many ways to see Miami attractions. One of them is to do this by boat. This Miami boat tour, however, is different! 25 degrees Celsius at the beginning of January, clear blue skies and a mild breeze. This is the weather that gives us in December ...
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walking boots

Best hiking shoes for wide feet

Wide hiking boots - what should you look out for when buying? Light hiking shoes for wide feet for women and men are difficult to find. Anyone who, like me, has strong feet that swell quickly when walking for a long time knows how difficult it is to find suitable hiking boots for wide feet. I have therefore ...
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Hiking backpacks

You want to buy a hiking backpack? You better clarify that before buying

Buying a hiking backpack? What you should know before you buy Do you want to buy a hiking backpack that meets your requirements? Which one fits your hiking equipment? Then it is important that you first make clear what your hikes usually look like. Before you buy, you should ask yourself a few questions so ...
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Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Attractions - Discover Finland's Capital

Travel tips for the sights of Helsinki in one day How to discover the Helsinki sights on a stopover on a mini-cruise with the ferry, we present you here. We were on a pleasure trip with the ferries from Tallink Silja from Stockholm via Helsinki to Tallinn and back ...
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Hiking equipment

Packing list hiking - hiking equipment for leisurely hikers

Hiking packing list This hiking packing list is intended for leisurely hikers. The hiking equipment is sufficient for a day tour. You can easily store these in a hiking backpack. Usually these are tours that we take in Germany or Austria. But we are also out and about on hiking trails in other countries. Most of the time our hikes are shorter. Our ...
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Gifts for hikers

Practical gifts for slow hikers

Practical gifts for hikers who enjoy it Not only at Christmas time do you need gifts. The best souvenirs are always those that can be used for specific purposes. That is why we are collecting suggestions for practical gifts for hikers and mountaineers who like to enjoy on the go. Everyone who likes to be out in nature ...
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Cais Palafitico

On the way on the fishing path Portugal in the Alentejo

The Portugal fishing path, the Rota do Peixe in the Alentejo The Portugal fishing path leads us for almost a week along the Rota do Peixe through the Alentejo. From Évora via Comporta to Cabo Sardão, this trip almost always took us along the sea. An overview of our trip. Also look ...
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What is Slow Travel?

That's how we define Slow Travel:

Slow travel

Places & attractions for slow travelers

The best way of slow travel is to focus on specific places or attractions and take your time. Which places are particularly suitable for this? Which sights are worthwhile? These tips will help you to find such excursion and travel destinations.

Slow Travel Road Trips

Individual travel by car is perfect for slow travelers. You can take your time and explore a region in detail. By car you are independent, can stop wherever you want. You can also continue driving, if a destination is not to your liking. You can make trips from a fixed location, follow an itinerary or take a roundtrip within a region.

Slow hiking and leisurely hiking

You experience a region particularly intensely when you are out and about on foot. It makes a difference whether you take your time and let the environment affect you. Only then do you have the opportunity to perceive your surroundings in detail. We like to combine leisure walks with a picnic or a visit to an inn, a beer garden or a café.

Ship and boat trips - Slow Travel par excellence

Cruises, trips by houseboat, river cruises or even boat trips on rivers and lakes - all are perfect for slow travelers. What could be more relaxing than letting a landscape slowly pass by while sitting comfortably on deck or cruising along a river?

Beach vacation destinations

Relaxing on the beach, strolling along the beach and looking out over the sea - all of this is also part of the slow travel style. This usually involves a longer stay. However, there are also beaches that are great for a day out or a stop on a road trip. Enjoy a few hours or days on one of the beaches we recommend.

Motorhome Travel - Slow Travel on your own

Traveling by motorhome exudes the taste of freedom and independence. Is that correct? What should be taken into account on motorhome trips? The answers to these questions and more can be found in this article collection.

Immersive Travel

Experience lifestyle & enjoyment - slow travel to the people

The characteristics of a region can be experienced by its local traditions and customs and in the way of life of its people. The cattle drives in the Alps are an expression of everyday life as well as the Tintamarre in the French-speaking regions of Canada, where the Acadians celebrate their culture. A North American Powwow expresses this as well as a wine festival in the Austrian Wine Quarter.

Enjoy art and culture - Slow Travel for culture fans

Art and culture of a region offer a similar experience. This concerns both high art and folk art. Both can express regionality. Just think about how the images of the Canadian Group of Seven in the National Gallery in Ottawa differ from the paintings of Dutch masters hanging in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum. Or how the masks of African woodcarvers differ from the folk art of Nova Scotia.

Crafts and design - slow travel to immerse yourself in a culture

How people shape their personal environment in certain regions is an expression of their culture and way of life. It's exciting to look for these differences. The cozy cottages on New England's shores are immediately placed in this region because they only occur there. The same applies to Scandinavian design, which can be recognized at first glance, or to colorful African patterns that are immediately interpreted as such. It's a lot of fun to be creative yourself.

Food as access to foreign cultures

The concept of slow travel goes back to a Book by Dan Kieran *, The trigger for his book was the fear of flying. Dan Kieran does not get on a plane if he can help it. While his friends traveled by plane to their destinations, he boarded the train. Let the landscape slide past. Enjoyed to experience the way to his destination. That cost him time. More time. But brought him closer to traveling. For Kieran the way is the way. The conscious experience of the process of travel.

Slow Travel - Slowly discover travel and cultures

It doesn't matter which means of transportation he uses. For example, he traveled to England in a milk cart. This is definitely an exciting way to travel. But also one that is ideal for slow travel. Slow travel in the sense of "take your time", "experience", "get involved with its environment and people." This is the type of travel that we present in our blog. Maybe not necessarily in a milk truck. But slow travel for us is leisure travel. With time for the country. To get to know the peculiarities of a culture.

The culinary art - perfect for slow travel

Discovering the world's cuisines is perfect for slow travelers. You stay in one place. Meet people from your destination. Immerse yourself in your everyday life. When cooking together. A food tour of the city. The visit to a winemaker. The overnight stay at a winery. A walk with a herbalist. Or at the cooking class with a star chef. It does not matter what your Slow (Food) Travel adventure looks like. Food is a great way to get in touch with people. No matter what culture they come from.

Food as access to foreign cultures

Have you ever enjoyed a snack in a wine tavern in Austria? The landlady is guaranteed to talk to you and recommend his favorite wine. How was your last snack in a country inn? The landlord will definitely ask where you come from. This is also possible in other countries and continents. Have a grappa in an Italian tavern. It doesn't take long before you start talking. Sit by the campfire on a safari. Conversations with others arise quickly. The list can go on and on. Food is a topic that everyone can talk about. Use it on your slow travel trips and get to know your travel destination and its inhabitants better.

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