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Beach of Wilderness in South Africa

At the Indian Ocean it is loud! A constant roar that never stops! It stays that way: day and night. This is the sound that makes a stay on the beach of Wilderness in South Africa so impressive. The waves are constantly rolling out of the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. They build up, sometimes more, sometimes less. But … go to Article

Eastern Canada round trip for connoisseurs

Eastern Canada Round Trip for Connoisseurs We travel Canada in search of tips for an Eastern Canada round trip for connoisseurs. Eastern Canada is a region that is very diverse. Here are the largest cities in the country. You can also find villages here. In which time seems to stand still. In the forests of Ontario and Quebec, ... go to Article

Summer vacation on the Aland archipelago

Aland Islands Ad - Have you ever thought about a summer vacation on the Aland Islands? We do. Very intense even. The Aland Archipelago is one of our dream destinations: the sea is omnipresent. The world of the Finnish archipelago offers exactly what we are looking for an unforgettable holiday: a lot of nature, good food, silence and ... go to Article

America's most popular coastline

North American Coastal Landscapes In recent weeks we have been posting photos of North America's coasts on Instagram. We wanted to see our followers like the coastal regions of the US and Canada. We took a photo trip from the west to the east coast. We ended up taking pictures of waters in Arctic regions. Among the photos are beaches in California. We ... go to Article

Beautiful beaches in eastern Canada

In recent years, we have often been touring the Atlantic provinces of eastern Canada. We often followed the coastal roads. What is more impressive than views of the expanse of the sea, especially when they are interrupted by small archipelago cuddling in coves. Especially in Nova Scotia there are many such ... go to Article

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