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My most exciting journey

What was my most exciting trip? What was my most exciting trip? Maybe you think that's hard to answer on my many trips around the world. But the exact opposite is the case. I can only think of a journey that fully deserves this status in my eyes: a journey that I ... go to Article

Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick

The Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick Maybe not everyone knows their name, but they may already have seen most of you - at least in one photo: the Hopewell Rocks at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. They are among the most famous attractions of the Atlantic Province in Canada, as they are a landmark of the ... go to Article

Glooscap Trail along the Bay of Fundy

The Glooscap Trail along the Bay of Fundy On our trip through Nova Scotia, we have a choice: take the highway from Windsor to Pictou to reach our destination quickly, or we choose the leisurely drive along the north coast of Nova Scotia along the Glooscap Trail always with a view ... go to Article

By sea plane over the Thirty Thousand Islands of Georgian Bay

Thirty thousand islands are said to form a varied archipelago landscape in the southeastern half of Georgian Bay of Lake Huron. These include tiny rocky islets, as well as large islands covered in dense forest, nestled in luxurious estates with their own tennis court and swimming pool - although the latter are also more likely to be the exceptional accommodation ... go to Article

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