Regional Cuisines in the World

Recipe for Linzer Cookies

The Linzer Cookie recipe comes from the city of Linz. The cookies are smaller forms of the Linzer Torte for which the place is famous. They consist of two cookies, the top one with one or three holes. They are filled with jam.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Best Cookies ever

How did the Chocolate Chip Cookies become one of the most popular types of cookies in the world? You can find out in this article. Of course, we will also provide you with the recipe so that you can bake them yourself at home. We wish you good appetite.

Typical Austria: Sachertorte

Sachertorte from Austria Here I say "typically Austrian". There is the Hotel Sacher both in Vienna and in Salzburg in the Salzburger Land. The Sachertorte is served in both. To complicate things, the Sachertorte is also available in the Imperial and Royal Court Confectionery Demel. An intriguing story of how it came about. The Sachertorte is[…]

Italian biscotti recipe with fair ingredients

Using Fairtrade ingredients to make biscuits is easy. These ingredients are a little more expensive than those that are usually offered in stores. But you can enjoy the cookies with a clear conscience. This Italian biscotti recipe for almond biscotti uses fair trade ingredients.

Pasteis de Nata Recipe - Delicious Portugal

A pasteis de nata recipe to make yourself! The Portuguese custard tarts are often served there for breakfast. We liked them so much that we've been baking them at home since then. We brought the recipe back from our pleasure trips.

Simply cook food - Indian bread - Navajo Fry Bread

Native American Bread - Navajo Fry Bread There are many names that Native American bread has. It is also called Navajo Fry Bread. The Navajo themselves call it "ntsidiigwoo". We spotted it many times on our travels across the US and Canada. However, it is always on the table in the kitchens of the First Nations. That he[…]

Dakos - a Specialty from Crete

Dakos is a poor man's food from Crete that is now served as a starter in restaurants in Greece. With tomatoes, olives, cheese and capers it tastes wonderfully refreshing even on hot days. You can find the recipe here.

Kaiserschmarrn recipes from Austria and Bavaria

There are various Kaiserschmarrn recipes. Every cook has his own ingredient that makes him special. In addition, the pastry with its side dishes can be served in a variety of ways. In Austria there are mostly plum roasters. In Bavaria it is made with cheese and mushrooms.

English Tea Time with Tea Time Muffins

English Muffins These tea time muffins are perfect for celebrating tea time at home. We have already proven on our travels that we like English tea time. Again and again we like to go to tea rooms or hotels where you can enjoy tea in such an elegant way. In Germany [...]

French Baking - Fig Cake Recipe to Savor

French baking: fig cake recipe A fig cake recipe that whets your appetite. Yesterday we tested that French baking is also fun at home with this fig cake recipe from France. If you feel the same way as we do, then every now and then you bring the taste of your travel destination into your own kitchen. We were in the spring of this [...]

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