Regional Cuisines in the World

Pasteis de Nata Recipe - Delicious Portugal

A pasteis de nata recipe to make yourself! The Portuguese custard tarts are often served there for breakfast. We liked them so much that we've been baking them at home since then. We brought the recipe back from our pleasure trips.

Frankfurt's Green Sauce

There are regional recipes for the Frankfurt Green Sauce from Hessen that have been passed down in the family for centuries. One generation passes the recipe on to the next and keeps it like a treasure. One of these recipes is the green sauce.

Poutine, specialty from Quebec

Poutine is the Quebec specialty. The dish has cult status in the French-speaking part of Canada and is almost something of a national dish for Quebecers. Here you can find out more about it and where you can get good poutine.

African Food - African Stew from Nigeria

Our African stew from Nigeria shows how good you can eat African food. I ate this for the first time many years ago in an African restaurant in Cape Town in South Africa. In Marco's African Place. Not far from the waterfront.

Cep ravioli with garlic butter sauce

Mushroom ravioli recipes for Italian cooking at home. Porcini ravioli with garlic butter sauce is one of the mushroom ravioli recipes that we have been cooking as a quick lunch since we enjoyed traveling to Italy.

Lobster stew - Canadian recipes

When traveling through Canada's Atlantic provinces, you come across it again and again on the menus of many restaurants: the lobster stew, which is usually served with fresh vegetables and fried potatoes, as here at the Tidal Watch Inn in St. Martin, New Brunswick. This stew is perhaps one of the best ways to cook lobster: it's a [...]

Rillettes Recipe and Memories of Canada

Rillettes are a French specialty. They are also served in the capital of the French-Canadian province of Quebec. They often cook according to traditional French recipes. With this duck rillettes recipe you can easily prepare it at home.

Bobotie recipe from the Cape region of South Africa

We present you a Bobotie recipe from South Africa from the kitchen of the Boschendal winery. There is probably no dish from South Africa that better represents the cuisine of the Cape Malays in Cape Town. Spiced with curry you can taste the influences of Malay cuisine.

Make pancakes dough yourself for the American breakfast at home

With this pancakes dough you can prepare a breakfast like in America at home. Making pancakes dough yourself is easy. Breakfast in the US or Canada looks different than ours. It is one of the most important main meals of the day there. Especially on weekends, you take the time to have a long and extensive breakfast.

French Baking - Fig Cake Recipe to Savor

  French baking: fig cake recipe A fig cake recipe that whets your appetite. Yesterday we tested that French baking is also fun at home with this fig cake recipe from France. If you feel the same way as we do, then every now and then you bring the taste of your travel destination into your own kitchen. We were in spring [...]

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