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The five most beautiful beaches in Canada

Canada's Five Most Beautiful Beaches - Canada is usually associated with wild national parks, deep forests, and grizzly bears. Hardly anyone thinks of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. Most tourists are unaware that Canada also has breathtaking beaches. But a beach trip is definitely worth it, especially since the mild water temperatures ... go to Article

A day in the Sauerland at the Diemelsee

Hiking in the Sauerland at the Diemelsee Am Diemelsee, going by boat or cycling the Diemelradweg are activities that are possible at this lake in Hesse. We are here in the spring. Therefore, we decide for a boat trip. A fresh breeze blows us on our boat tour in the Sauerland on Diemelsee. We use a ... go to Article

Eastern Canada round trip for connoisseurs

Eastern Canada Round Trip for Connoisseurs We travel Canada in search of tips for an Eastern Canada round trip for connoisseurs. Eastern Canada is a region that is very diverse. Here are the largest cities in the country. You can also find villages here. In which time seems to stand still. In the forests of Ontario and Quebec, ... go to Article