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Tallinn landmarks - the Town Hall Square

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Which Tallinn sights in Estonia can you discover on a short visit? We were in the Eastern Baltic States for the first time in the spring. Therefore, Baltic Sea places like Tallinn were particularly interesting for us. We were traveling on one Mini Cruise with the Tallink Silja Line. Of Helsinki In about two hours we take the ferry over Tallinn, which lies south to 80 kilometers. There we stay in the Tallink City Hotel *, just a few steps away from Tallinn's Old Town. We spend two nights there. We have two and a half days for the sights in Tallin Estonia. Too little to get to know all the attractions. With planning, however, you can see the highlights of the city well during this time. Here are our tips for cruisers who are short on Tallinn. Anda Galffy recommends Tallinn as a winter destination



Flower shops on Viru street
Flower shops on Viru street - Tallinn landmarks, Estonia



Tallinn sights - the clay gate
Tallinn sights Estonia - the clay gate


Tallinn attractions - tips for a day

If you only have one day to explore Estonia's capital, we recommend a walk through the old town. From the ferry terminal it is a few minutes by taxi to Viru street. We paid 5,50 Euro (June 2015) for the trip. From there you can explore the old town on foot. Most Tallinn sights in the city center are within the pedestrian area. Viru road leads past a row of flower stalls and restaurants through the Mud Gate into the old town to the junction with Vene street. There are two restaurants, the Olde Hansa and the Peppersack Restaurant, both reminiscent of the times of the Hanseatic League. Anyone who wants to eat medieval food will be served meals from the times in these restaurants, before there were potatoes or tomatoes in Europe.


Tallinn sights - medieval food in De Olde Hansa
Tallinn sights - medieval food in De Olde Hansa


Saint Nicholai Church and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

However, we will give it to us and continue our walk in the direction of St. Nicholai Church, where today is the St. Nicholas Museum, in which three works of art from Estonia are exhibited from the Middle Ages. Only a few hundred meters up the hill is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Estonia's main Russian Orthodox cathedral. If you are interested in the city's defenses, the bastions and the tunnels under the Domberg, you can make a detour to the cannon tower "Kiek in de Kök". He owes his name to the fact that the guards who served here joked that they could look into the kitchens of the houses below Domberg.


Tallinn Attractions - The St. Nikolaikirche
Tallinn Sightseeing Estonia - St. Nicholas Church


The town hall square

From there we go back to Kullassepa street, not without a quick stop in the visitor center on the Niguliste street. At the Town Hall Square (Raekoja Plats) we admire Northern Europe's only gothic town hall. This is used today for state receptions. Here kings and heads of state were guests. In July and August you can visit the town hall. Then the assembly halls, the vaults, wood carvings and the city's art treasures are open to the public. We had to skip it, because we were there a month early. Around the Town Hall Square are restaurants, from which one can watch the bustle on the Town Hall Square.


Tallinn sights - medieval food
Tallinn sightseeing Estonia - medieval food


Tallinn sights - St. Katharinengasse

Not far from the Town Hall Square is the St. Katharinengasse, one of those streets in Tallinn, where you can feel the ambience of the city particularly well. Along this alley are workshops of glassblowers, weavers or potters, who still work with methods from the Middle Ages. If you want, you can watch the craftsmen at work.

Eat Italian

We go back via Viru street and finish our city tour through the old town in the restaurant Al Bastione. There we settle down in the courtyard and enjoy a pizza and an Armenian shashlik at moderate prices. A perfect end after a day, that could not be more beautiful.


Tallinn Attractions - Hop on hop off bus for crusaders
Tallinn Attractions - Hop on hop off bus for crusaders


Tallinn for Cruise Travelers - Tips for a second day

Who has two days for Tallinn, can use the Hop-on Hop-Off Tours *. These buses stop in front of the cruise terminal or, in the city, at Mere puiestee Street just before the intersection with Vana-Viru Street. For 21 dollars (as of June 2015) you can spend 24 hours exploring Tallinn attractions on the routes served by the buses. You can get off and on as often as you want.

For the second day we recommend the Open Air Museum Line (60 minutes), which runs along the coast and offers views of Tallinn and the harbor. On the way you can get off at the Estonian Open Air Museum, where you get an insight into rural life in Estonia in the period between the 18th and 20th century. Alternatively, take a trip to the Historic Center and Old Town Tour (50 minutes), which goes to Kadriorg Park. There is the castle of Peter the Great. He had it built in Tallinn for his wife Katharina I.. Today it houses the Art Department of the Estonian Art Museum, which alone is worth a visit.


Along the open air museum line
Along the open air museum line


Maritime Museum of Estonia

On the way, you will also pass the Estonian Maritime Museum, which is housed in the Fat Margaret tower. The history of Estonia's seafaring is shown on four floors. These range from fishing equipment from the Stone Age to a wheelhouse for a trawler from the XNUMXs.


Tallinn Attractions - The Fat Margaret
Tallinn Attractions - The Fat Margaret


Our tip for everyone who has a second day in Tallinn: Tips for Tallinn has Ryan O'Rourke on his blog (in English). It is best to choose one or two sights outside the old town and take a closer look at them. That brings more than doing all three tours by bus, because the routes are repeated, so that you only see some new things, you ride on all three routes of the hop-on hop-off tours.


Do you like traveling to Tallinn's sights by motorhome?


Follow us on our tour of Tallinn's must-see attractions in Petar's video.




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Tallinn Attractions - Tips for Cruise Travelers

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