Shopping experience in Nova Scotia

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Exceptional shopping experience in Nova Scotia

We almost missed him, the small parking lot in front of the Tangled Gardens at Grand Pré in Nova Scotia. We had heard of acquaintances from this garden and wanted to look at this gem, which had been warmly recommended to us. Already on the highway, which we took from Halifax, he is announced, but when we leave the highway at Exit 10 at Grand Pré, we almost drove past the sign. From the outside you can not see much of this small garden with its herb beds, ponds, the labyrinth and the skillfully placed between perennials, shrubs and trees sculptures. The bigger the surprise, if you enter it then.


Shopping Experience in Nova Scotia: Chive blossoms are waiting for their processing
Chive blossoms are waiting for their processing


Even when we pay the small fee in the shop, which is required for the garden tour, we realize that something special awaits us here. But I do not want to anticipate. So we set out to explore this green oasis. Through a portico, we come to a garden shed, which looks like it has sprung from one of these glossy lifestyle magazines: from weathered wood, overgrown with climbing plants, he gives the impression of a haunted witches cottage. The signposts in front of it show what awaits us: a sunflower corner, a lavender path, a herb garden, a lily pond and even a labyrinth. Interesting! Sounds exciting! And it will be.


Shopping experience in Nova Scotia: A goldfish pond like a picture book
A goldfish pond like from a picture book


A garden can hardly be more varied: we walk through a herb garden where well-known and unknown types of herbs sprout lusciously. It looks a bit wild, but still it is unmistakable that a clever helping hand is behind it. As we learn later, the owner of the garden has created and designed this paradise herself - always with the ulterior motive of creating a kitchen garden that on the one hand should be attractive and on the other hand supply the ingredients from which to make their idiosyncratic but very delicious culinary creations wanted to. Basil, thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, chives, fennel, garlic, horseradish, ginger, roses, geranium, lavender, lime and other fragrant herbal and plant varieties thrive on the formerly unused property.

Shopping Experience in Nova Scotia: A garden shed as if from a lifestyle magazine
A garden shed like a lifestyle magazine

In between, skilfully placed small and large sculptures in the midst of the lush vegetation that attract the eye and harmonize wonderfully with the deep green of the surrounding bushes, shrubs, grasses and trees with their unusual forms of rust-colored metal. Recycling in a tasteful way! Although flowers are also available, play a minor role in this garden. They also serve more to loosen up the green structures created by the different types of herbs and grasses on which the gardener's main focus lies.


Homemade oils, vinegar and jams with ingredients from the herb garden
Exceptional shopping experience in Nova Scotia: Homemade oils, vinegar and jams


When we were fed up with the tastefully put together herbal ensembles we went back to the shop. And there awaits us a taste experience of a special kind: the countless herbs that we have seen on our walk through the garden, are cooked by hand to exotic combinations with oil, vinegar and jam - in each case six bottles or glasses in one piece. For larger quantities of domestic pot is not enough. Unbelievable is what we see here before our eyes: bottles of vinegar or oil sealed with wax, in which the most varied branches of herbs swim decoratively. And we taste ourselves through amazing culinary delights.


Jams that make your mouth water
Exceptional shopping experience in Nova Scotia: jams


Among them jam jars filled with the best combinations of jam and herbs: there are strawberry jam with tarragon, mint or lavender, raspberry, rhubarb or peach jam with angelica, lavender, rose or rosemary honey, chutneys with apples, apple and mint, Cranberry and sage, roasted garlic and onions, wild blueberries and tarragon. And above them are bottles of herbal liqueurs: raspberry liqueur with roses and geraniums, plum liqueur with sweet basil, cranberry liqueur with orange mint, strawberry liqueur with blue lavender, pear liqueur with rosemary, Cafè Diablo (whatever that is) with spicy anise, and the list goes on and on ,



If you want to plan an extraordinary shopping experience in Nova Scotia on your journey, you will reach the Tangled Garden at this address: Highway 1, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia, Tel. (902) 542 9811

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Shopping experience in Nova Scotia
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