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The aquarium in Sidney on Vancouver Island

Yellow jellyfish
Jellyfish at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center in Vancouver Island
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Rarely has anything surprised and impressed me as much as the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center in Sidney on Vancouver Island. Of course I'm interested in the animals that live in the depths of our oceans, and I find them fascinating, too. Just because you rarely get to see these creatures, a visit to the aquarium is always exciting. Mostly there is something special to discover. At the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center, however, it was not just a species or a few that intrigued me. On the contrary, what impressed me so much here was the diversity of the underwater creatures, but especially their incredible color palette. What was not there in yellow, blue, pink, white, violet and whatever else was swarming around for colors, crawling and slipping.

White jellyfish
Jellyfish at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center in Vancouver Island
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The underwater experience begins before we enter the actual aquarium: in the elevator that takes us from the entrance hall into the "depths of the sea", it bubbles and gurgles as if we were actually diving into the ocean around Vancouver Island. At the same time, light games simulate optical illusions, and we feel as if we're in a diving suit in which we swim down to the beings that populate the waters off the coast of the island. The experience is intensified when the elevator doors open: we look directly at deep blue waters, in which dozens of glowing yellow jellyfish turn and twist like in a sea ballet. Filigree tentacles whirl transparent white shimmering beings through the water, which look as if they are illuminated by an inner lamp. I find even more beautiful the sun-yellow jellyfish, which slide through the water with their long tentacles, some of which look like the tutus of ballerinas.

Colorful underwater world off Vancouver Island
Brightly colored underwater world around Vancouver Iceland
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But it's not just the jellyfish that offer a feast for the eyes in these waters. Almost every display case that we see shows us new colorful fish and creatures that make this coast also interesting for divers. The place is teeming with red, blue and patterned fish that roam the water. In between, we can hardly believe our eyes when suddenly stones - or what we thought to be - suddenly start to move and turn out to be an excellent camouflaged sea wolf or fish.

Sea anemones in the aquarium on Vancouver Island
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The various sea anemones are colorful, fanning tiny krill with their tentacles, which disappears in the throat in the middle of their waving tentacles. Actually practical - the food comes directly from the water directly into the stomach. And here too everything glows in soft pink, light yellow, bright orange and reddish brown and snow white. The sea around Vancouver Island is hard to beat in terms of color and is very different from the depths of the St. Lawrence River, which we visited a few months ago. There are also very interesting creatures there, but the abundance of colors is missing, as we do in Explorers in Ste-Anne-des-Monts could determine.

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