Tips for travel bloggers from TBEX 2013 in Dublin

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The last three days we spent at the TBEX Travel Blogger Conference in Dublin, an event where we get knowledge that makes us better as a travel blogger, but where we also meet and personally meet other travel bloggers who inspire us or us already know online for a long time. Each time familiar faces are present and new ones are added. A nice experience to talk shop with like-minded people. However, at each of these conferences, it is particularly important to us to inform ourselves in areas where we are in deficit, and for that, travel blogger conferences are a must. Not every workshop offered corresponds to the level of knowledge that we bring. Therefore, it goes without saying that we do not receive any new information and tips. Conversely, however, there are such interesting sessions that inspire us with the knowledge imparted. We would like to introduce two of these workshops, which belong to the second category, here:

Tools and Technology Tips that can dramatically increase your follower numbers

Ian Cleary of Razor Social His blog focuses on social media tools and regularly publishes blog posts in the Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, Technorati, Convince and Convert and Businesses Grow. He also speaks at international events about his main topic, social media and what tools can be successful there. At the TBEX 2013 in Dublin he introduced some of which we list here:
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These are just some of the tools that Ian introduced. There are more. These are published on the TBEX page at Slideshare.

 Tips on how to write content that captivates readers and expands readership

I was particularly inspired by the session of Don George, who writes for Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler and Gadling. He has been a travel journalist for 25 years and gave tips on how to produce the best travel content. He divides his work into three steps, which I briefly introduce here:

  • Before the trip: Researching what could be interesting on site and create a rough travel plan, which in reality can then be quickly overturned.
  • Take notes during the journey, absorbing everything around you with all your senses and taking your time at least one hour a day to write down the details. You should hear, feel, taste, smell and see the environment. The more details you collect, the better.
  • After the trip you should ask yourself the questions: what did I learn during the trip? What are the steps that led me there?

Much more tips on this topic are in his Don George Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Writingthat you can buy from this link on Amazon. (And yes, we earn a few cents from it.)

These two sessions impressed us the most at TBEX 2013 in Dublin. There were sessions the content of which could not convey much to us because it was tailored for beginners, and there were workshops that were not very informative. But as one of our travel blogger friends told me today, "it is enough if I take home just one suggestion from a conference like this that will take me forward." And I can only agree with him. For us, the TBEX 2013 in Dublin was a complete success.

Source: own research on site. The trip was completely self-financed by us. We thank the TBEX, Failte Ireland and the Clayton Hotel Burlington Road for the friendly assistance in planning and for an excellent organization of the event and all related events.

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Tips for travel bloggers from TBEX 2013 in Dublin
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