The darn night before the flight

Sleep before flight

Do you know that too: I hear the hours beating at night - at one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, half past three. Always the night before Flight, And when I fall asleep exhausted, I only have an hour in my own bed before the alarm clock rings. The alarm clock? Oh no! The night before the flight, I imagine at least two, and depending on the degree of paranoia, even more, all at the same time, so that - if one of them fails (it could be that the battery is going to be empty today ...) - everyone else makes such a mess that I wake up from the deepest sleep. All the time, the better half of me sleeps the sleep of the righteous. That doesn't bother him. I do not understand that.

Well, I'm not a beginner when traveling. On the contrary! Traveling has been my profession for decades. First, I was traveling for years as a tour guide and now as a travel blogger and journalist. Actually, I should be used to this night and at least approach them in peace. But that is not the case. Instead, I get the impression that things are getting worse.

I'm used to packing my bags. This usually happens within one or two hours. I know what I need on the way, and it does not take long to think about which clothes to take with me and which ones I do not. Also, as I pack the things in it, I have exercise. But at night ... I have doubts: did I really pack that? What if I forgot something. Are my travel papers all right? Did not I forget something?

And then only the documents for the trip: do I really have all the addresses that I need? How about the tickets, the booking confirmations and the reservations? After all, I have to know where we should go. And the people in the hotels definitely want to know any booking numbers. Did I pack our navigation device? And all the cards, so that we do not lose our orientation on the way?

These and similar questions keep me awake the night before the flight. And the longer it lasts, the more questions and doubts come to my mind, until I finally fall asleep completely exhausted - before all the alarm clocks start to ring at once and wake me from my troubled sleep. I'll ask you soon enough, that I can check again, if I really have everything with me, what happened to me during the night.

And so I make sure that during my travels I have everything I need on the way. How do you think that?

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The darn night before the flight

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  1. I also had to smile, because I feel the same way. The night before a trip is to sleep, at least a restful and relaxed, not to think. I think too much for that. ;-)

    And I also have several alarm clocks, even if only digitally, but I put them in intervals of 15 minutes. It's a bit crazy, but it's part of it for me. Nice that I'm not alone with that. ;-)

    1. Hello Daniela,

      I'll never put off this feeling of oversleeping before a flight. I have since my first flight. But then I often sleep the whole flight :). That has something. So the flight time passes much faster. :)

      Best regards,

  2. And on the way to the airport check several times whether the passports are there, Etix, bookings, money, etc. Is a quirk of mine. I admit it. I am sometimes happy when my wife asks if I have everything plugged. Is then a reason to check everything again. Bad is only if my wife has the things in her purse. Must then secretly search, because she does not want to show me every few minutes, the handbag. It has already become a bit more relaxed, as the pass simply suffices for flying. One thing less. What's new is whether you have the most important documents on your tablet. Incidentally, otherwise I'm quite normal (completely relaxed, when I'm sitting on the plane).

    1. I am glad that I am not the only one who gets panic states before the flight. Oddly enough, I only have them when I leave. On the return journey I do not care - maybe because I could stay longer in the holiday country?

  3. The excitement before the trip always leaves me lying sleepless and falling asleep just before the alarm clock rings. While wanting to fall asleep, one then worries whether one will wake up with the ticking remaining hours at all ... But actually my cell phone always shouts (even without electricity) "What a wonderful world" and I am latently still so excited that I sit in bed with the alarm clock ringing on time. And as a notorious late riser! : D
    Rudimentary remnants from the land of early risers perhaps? ;)
    (now I could have written my own post too ...: D)

  4. ;-) The amazing thing is that even after years of professional travel is not otherwise - or maybe just because?

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