Provincetown Cape Cod Attractions and Beaches

Herring Cove Beach - USA travel tips
Harbor Beach with the best views of Provincetown Cape Cod - USA travel tips
Harbor Beach with the best views of Provincetown Cape Cod

Provincetown Cape Cod Attractions and Beaches

Are you planning a beach vacation in the USA? The Provincetown Cape Cod attractions and beaches will take you time. Especially for the beaches, because there are plenty of them. They are among the most beautiful Massachusetts has to offer. One of our USA travel tips for Cape Cod. One day is enough to see the Provincetown sights. There are not very many. Nevertheless, you should take some time for the place. With its motley hustle and bustle, which is shaped by the lifestyle of the artists and the gays in town, it exerts a very special charm on its visitors. In addition, you only have the opportunity to experience one of the great sunsets on one of the beaches if you spend a few days there.

The dunes in the National Seashore Park

Art's Dune Tours are worth a trip. You drive through the dunes in the National Seashore Park in an off-road vehicle. These are not accessible with private cars. A drive through the loneliness of the dune landscape is all the more impressive. In between times one of the cottages pops up that are rented to artists and people who are looking for seclusion. The waiting list for those interested is long. Life in the dunes is simple and without the achievements of modern civilization such as running water or electricity. Instead, the residents enjoy the heavenly tranquility of a landscape that is second to none. For us the dunes of the National Seashore Park were probably the most impressive Provincetown sights. If you want, you can then swap the off-road vehicle for a kayak and paddle along the coast with it. Art offers tours for all tastes.

Art's Dune Tours
4 Standish St
Provincetown, MA 02657
Tel. + 1 508 487 1950

Whale Watching with the guarantee to see whales

In particular, the beaches that face Cape Cod Bay are best seen from whale watch boats. These boats depart from the Provincetown pier throughout the day. The Cape Cod whale watching season is long. The whales usually roam the waters of Cape Cod Bay between April and October. The schools of mackerel attract them. However, whales have already been sighted from mid-March to mid-November. The best time of day for whale watching is usually morning. Then the sea is calmer and the whales are easier to see. In the afternoon the wind often picks up, which means that the waves are higher. This makes the whales not so easy to spot. Locals recommend going out on the second boat of the day as the first boat has already spotted the whales and reports the sightings to all subsequent boats.

Provincetown Whale Watching Best Time: from April to October

Provincetown landmarks

In addition to the dune tours, whale watching drives and the Pilgrim Memorial, Provincetown's attractions are limited. In Commercial Street there are galleries and souvenir shops that invite you to take a stroll. The best way to experience Provincetown's attractions is to take in the mix of the cool gay community lifestyle. The gay movement's rainbow flag hangs in front of the door of many houses and shops. People like to come out here. Many hotels and B & Bs are owned by gay couples. They look after their accommodations lovingly and often with great taste. Other Provincetown attractions include the beaches and these activities:

  • The Race Point Beach Lighthouse
  • The Cape Cod Provincelands Trail
  • The Long Point Lighthouse
  • The Beech Forest
  • McMillan Peer
  • Provincetown Art Association and Museum
  • Art's Dune Tours
  • Provincetown Theater
  • Charles Baltivik Gallery and Sculpture Garden
  • Adam Peck Gallery
  • Impulse Art Gallery
  • Old Harbor Life Saving Station
  • whale watching


Provincetown restaurants

These restaurants are located off Provincetown Harbor on Commercial Street and near Provincetown Beach:

  • The Lobster Pot, 321 Commercial St., Tel. 508-487-0842
  • The Squealing Pig, 335 Commercial St. Tel. 508-487-5804
  • Tin Pan Alley, 269 Commercial St., Tel. 508-487-1648
  • Ross' Grill, 237 Commercial St., Tel. 508-487-8878
  • The Canteen, 225 Commercial St., Tel. 508-487-3800


Where can I find the most beautiful beaches around Provincetown?

The question of where the most beautiful beaches around Provincetown, Cape Cod are located, is not so easy to answer. The reason is that there are many. No wonder! Is it still the Cape Cod National Seashore - The protected landscape dunes of the peninsula - practically on the doorstep. If you drive to the bottom of the sandy elbow of Cape Cod and look for good beaches, you're spoiled for choice. Therefore, here we present you the most beautiful beaches in the vicinity of the city at the extreme end of the elbow-shaped peninsula. You can meet her in one day. However, it is much more fun to take time for this region and explore it in detail. Because there are many ways to do this.

You want to get an idea of ​​the city and its surroundings. This selection Provincetown Webcam It will give you first impressions of the city at the bottom of Cape Cod's elbow. Try it, what the city offers you.

Beaches you should not miss

Harbor Beach in Provincetown Cape Cod

This beach is the most easily accessible beach from Provincetown. It's best to park your car at MacMillan Wharf (where the boats to Provincetown Whale watching tours lay down). Incidentally, the Provincetown Whale Watch Tours are so successful that they guarantee the sighting of whales. If you still don't see one, you can repeat your tour on another day. From there you have direct access to the beach and can take a beach hike past the pretty villas and houses along the Provincetown harbor bay.


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From Whale Watching Wharf at Provincetown Harbor, you have a good view of the city, the Pilgrim Monument and the miles of sandy beach that stretches along the north coast of the city. From here, boats leave for Whale Watching at Stellwagen Bay, the bay that connects Cape Cod with Boston.


Harbor Beach in Provincetown Cape Cod with boats
Provincetown Harbor with boats


This beach is perfect for those who want to get to know Provincetown from an unusual perspective. Most visitors choose Commercial Street for a stroll through the city past their countless shops and restaurants. For a different impression, a beach walk will take you parallel to the main street, overlooking the harbor, the boats and the pretty beach houses. (Map)


With Provincetown Dune Tours to Race Point Beach, one of the Provincetown attractions
Provincetown Dune Tours pass Race Point Beach


Race Point at the Cape Cod National Seashore

The Race Point Beach is located beyond the dunes in the south of the city. This can be reached via the driveway to the Cape Cod National Seashore. Parking is available south of the airport. This stretch of beach is open to the public for an entrance fee payable before entering the National Seashore.
However, this lookout point to the former Coast Guard Station shown here can only be reached on a guided jeep tour through the dune landscapes south of Provincetown, which are offered from the city center. The Provincetown Dune Tours are not just worth the drive through the dunes. You will also learn many interesting facts about the flora and fauna of the dunes. We were most fascinated by the stories about the people who chose the lonely dune landscapes to build their cottages. (Map)


Beach of Herring Cove
Provincetown Lighthouse at Herring Cove Beach


Herring Cove Beach at the eastern tip of the Cape

Herring Cove Beach is located on the eastern tip of Cape Cod near Provincetown and can be reached via both Highway 6 and Highway 6a. Strictly speaking, the narrow sandy beach is at the east end of the two streets. Herring Cove Beach is popular with the city's residents because it is where you can experience the most beautiful sunsets.

Many pack a picnic and expect a glass of sparkling wine and delicious lobster buns the time when the setting sun makes the sky shine in the most beautiful colors. This is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. (Map)


Long Point Beach overlooking the tower
Long Point Beach overlooking Provincetown Tower


Long Point Beach - only accessible by boat or on foot

The Long Point Beach is located on the headland, which at the end Cape Cods again direction Provincetown points. It is not accessible by car, but only by boat or on foot from the end of Commercial Street. Because of its seclusion, this beach is almost deserted.

This is one of the Beaches of Cape Codbest seen from the sea. The whale watching tours pass by on their way out into Stellwagen Bay. From the boat you have an overall view of the beach and the town with the Provincetown Monument. (Map)

That belongs in the suitcase:

  • windbreaker * - Since Provincetown is located by the sea, the wind is blowing there almost always. You should definitely pack a windbreaker.
  • Practical is a baseball cap *that keeps hair in check even in strong winds.
  • What you for Beach vacation need. Use our checklist for Case pack.
  • Slippers * do not forget. If you are planning a day or a longer stay on the beach, then bathing shoes must be in the suitcase.
  • In summer - and often in autumn - Cape Cod is warm and sunny. Therefore, we also recommend one sun hat.


Info about Cape Cod and New England

Cape Cod

  • The The best beach on Cape Cod Not only around Provincetown and Cape Cod National Seashore are beautiful beaches. On this page we introduce you to others who are worth a detour. To get to know everyone, you need a lot of time. If you have less time, we recommend a stop at Nauset Beach near Chatham.


  • Rockport, Massachusetts, a lovely fishing village on the north side of the bay. It's time to drive until you get there from Cape Cod. The place is worth the effort, however.


  • The Sandwich Cape Cod's oldest settlement. You should not miss this place. It offers some very interesting sights, which also give you an insight into what life on the island used to look like.

Cranberry harvest

  • Cranberry harvest In autumn, the cranberries are harvested on Cape Cod. We had no opportunity to see this on our trip to the peninsula. We were there too early in the year. However, in Ontario, Canada, we visited a cranberry farm at harvest time. Impressions of this are presented in this report. It looks a little different on Cape Cod. There you flood the cranberry fields. Then you beat the fruits with machines from the plants. The healthy fruits float up in the water and are simply skimmed off. This is a feast for the eyes. The red fruits cover the entire water surface, which arises on the field.

Pilgrim Fathers

  • As the Pilgrim Fathers Having crossed the Atlantic on board the Mayflower, they first landed on Cape Cod. The First Encounter Beach on the peninsula recalls this. There they met the first Indians. However, they quickly realized that the region would not ensure their survival. So they got back in their ship and sailed on to the Bay of Plymouth. There they built their first settlement in North America. If you are interested in the history of the Pilgrim Fathers, then you will find a story about the Pilgrim Fathers Museum in Leiden in Holland. This is reminiscent of her time in Holland. They had fled there when the persecution increased in England. However, they soon realized that even in their new home they could not live the life they longed for. Therefore, they joined a group of other Puritans who wanted to leave England. The goal was actually the English colony in Northern Virginia. However, a storm brought them to the coast of New England. Here they built their own lives as they wished. The Pilgrim Fathers Memorial in Provincetown reminds of them.

Travel Arrangements:

Getting there
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Provincetown Cape Cod
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Do you already know:


Source: own research on site for "The Most Beautiful Beaches on Cape Cod". We financed this trip ourselves.

Text: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Photos: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline

Provincetown Cape Cod Attractions and Beaches

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