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USA The northwest

The land of the big sky - the Big Sky Country from the Pacific coast between San Francisco and Vancouver (Canada) to the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming and Montana - is presented in this newly published travel guide from DuMont. The author Susanne Satzer, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, shows travelers in the northwest of the USA in an extensive information section how surprisingly complex this vast country is. Well equipped with this general background information about nature and the environment, economy, social affairs, current politics, history, society and everyday culture, art and cultural activities and culinary specialties, the guest can set out to actively explore the region.

Tips on how to actively experience the northwestern United States

If you don't want to just tick off the sights, but want to dive deeper into the lifestyle of the American Northwest, the author's "active travel" specials will help you. No matter if you want to windsurf on the Columbia River in Oregon, go fly fishing with locals on Silver Creek in Idaho, watch the whales in the Juan de Fuca Strait or spend a few days like a cowboy on the Cheff Ranch - the tips are great for that to get to know the region more intensely than on a pure sightseeing tour.

The northwest of the US according to personal taste

The reader can put together his own individual journey according to his personal taste, regardless of whether he is more interested in tracing the “Wild West”, going on a culinary tour of discovery or even trying out in the sound studio in Seattle's music museum the next is Jimmy Hendrix. In addition, there are always tips on how to protect your travel budget: for example, if you use the City Passes, with which you can visit many sights at a reduced price, or if you use the public buses in Seattle, which are free during the day in a large city area .

Routes off the usual tourist routes

It is pleasing that the author also makes recommended routes that deviate from the main tourist routes: on the Journey Through Time Scenic Byway the history of the Wild West can be experienced up close in various ghost towns along the route. The almost deserted area for the Payette River Scenic Byway, and the water-rich landscape between Hagerman and Twin Falls in Idaho are great for exploring on the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway. All these routes are certainly not among the known routes through the northwest. Any traveler who wants to make his tour through the vastness of this country interesting, but you should know, so as not to drive past the highways to the natural attractions.

Conclusion: an informative travel guide for an interesting journey through the northwestern United States

If you want to get to know the Northwest of the USA more intensively and don't just want to tick off the main attractions of the region, this travel guide is a good choice. Based on the numerous tips on lesser-known routes and destinations as well as recommendations on how to make your trip more active, you can use it to plan an eventful vacation in the Big Sky Country of the USA.

The Travel Guide - The Northwest US * can be ordered at this link.

Text: © Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Photo: © MairDuMont

DuMont Travel Guide USA - The Northwest

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