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Enjoy a glass of wine in Vienna

Wine is grown in Vienna's vineyards

Ad – Did you know that wine is grown in Vienna? We are not. A Vienna travel tip that surprised us are the Viennese vineyards. There are even several winegrowers in the city who, among other things, grow Grüner Veltliner in Vienna, a fresh wine that is often drunk as a "Gespritzter" in summer - a mixture of wine with mineral water. Very refreshing, as we know from personal experience. Vienna hosts its own wine hiking day in the summer, during which participants hike through the Viennese vineyards, admire the beautiful view and learn more about wine growing. A visit to a Heurigen, one of the typical Viennese wine taverns, is a must. There is not only delicious wine, but also excellent food. We like best boiled beef with horseradish and a glass of wine - just perfect. This is how you can enjoy Vienna and its wine.



The Viennese Vineyards - Wine is grown in Vienna
In Vienna, wine is grown


The Viennese vineyards

Vienna's vineyards have been around for a long time. Even in the park of Schönbrunn Palace, where Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz once spent their summers, wine is now being grown again. Until 1744 there was a winery called Liesenpfennig in the park of Schönbrunn, which is now being reopened by young winemakers. They grow their vines in front of the orangery at Schönbrunn Palace. In this #ViennaNow video, Chris Cummins introduces the winemaker Rainer Christ, whose winery has only grown wine for 35 years. His most popular wine locations in Vienna: Unger and Klein, Meindl am Graben and the Wein & Co. wine bars. Check out the video about Vienna's vineyards. There is more information there:



#Vienna Now and the Viennese vineyards

Wien Tourismus is launching a new YouTube campaign not only about Vienna's vineyards, in which the journalist and resident of Vienna Chris Cummins presents Vienna's sights in short videos in English with German subtitles. He gives tips on what to see. Culinary highlights that Vienna has to offer are also recommended, and we as pleasure travelers find this particularly interesting. We have already presented some of them to you in our blog, such as ours Selection of Viennese coffee houses. At the same time, Cummins explains Viennese dialect for tourists, so that foreigners can find their way around the language of Vienna.


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As we know from our own experience, this is not only important for English-speaking tourists, but also for visitors arriving from Germany. There is one or the other term, with which we visitors from the northern neighboring country initially can not do much and only to find out what it is. Or do you know what Paradeiser are? Or an extender? I'm curious if these terms will be explained in the upcoming videos by #ViennaNow.



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The Viennese vineyards on #ViennaNow
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