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Three hotels in the region Marche in Italy

Great ambience at the Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano, one of three hotels in the Marche region
Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano

Hotels in the Marche region

They could hardly be more different! The three hotels in the Region Marchein which we stayed on our trip in January. A business hotel in Ancona, a three-star family and seaside hotel in Senigallia and the Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano hotel in Castelraimondo. We will briefly introduce you to the hotels in the Marche region:


In the lobby of Hotel Seeport in Ancona, one of three hotels in the Marche region
Lobby of Hotel Seeport


The Seeport Hotel **** in Ancona

This hotel opened in November 2014. The most modern equipment is a matter of course. It is the newest of the three hotels in the Marche region. Here even the curtains work at the push of a button. That's a little confusing at first. But once you've discovered the control panels, it's nice. We stayed in a room with a view of the ferry terminal. From there we could watch the hustle and bustle in the harbor from the window. In the evening we watched one of the ferries leave the port. These drive from Ancona towards the eastern Mediterranean.

Good location

The old town of Ancona is only a few hundred meters away from the hotel. You just have to go down the mountain and then just follow the quayside. There are numerous restaurants and trattorias there. The hotel also has a restaurant, but we only got to know it at breakfast. The breakfast buffet consisted of breads, ham, salami and cheeses, cakes, juices, cereals. The hot meals were not delivered until we had finished breakfast. So we couldn't try this. Another tip for everyone who does not vacation in Italy that often. If you want a big cup of coffee in the morning, you can order a Cafe Americano. We had only ordered coffee and received a very good but tiny espresso.


Restaurant at Hotel Seeport in Ancona
Restaurant at Hotel Seeport
Bed in the hotel Seeport
Bed in the hotel Seeport


Our room

Our standard room in the Seeport Hotel was well equipped with a double bed, desk, free WiFi, a bathroom with bidet and a massage shower. However, this was a bit small. We also looked at an executive room. This offered more space. It had a sitting area. A jacuzzi was also available in the bathroom. Those who like to live more comfortably shouldn't save the additional costs.

Seeport Hotel ****
Via Rupi di Via XXIX Settembre
60122 Ancona
Information, availability query and online booking*

Senbhotel *** in Senigallia

The three-star hotel is near the train station. The beach is a few steps away. You pass the railway tracks through an underpass. Then you stand in front of the Senigallia beach pavilion. There are few hotels in this place that are directly on the beach. But that's what makes Senigallia so charming. There are no castles here, from which the beach holidaymakers see nothing but the beach. Instead, the proximity of the beach and the city offers a holiday experience where you can combine a beach holiday with the experience of Italian life. We liked that very much.

Three star hotel

The Senbhotel is one of the hotels in the Marche region where bathing tourists feel at home. The decor is appropriate. The rooms are clean. Breakfast is served as a buffet. We were there in January and were alone at breakfast. In the summer that certainly looks different. I can imagine that the breakfast room causes longer waiting times. However, we have experienced a pleasant stay, especially because of the hospitable owners of the hotel. They welcomed us warmly. This was the easiest of our hotels in the Marche region.

Senbhotel ***
Viale Bonopera 32
60019 Senigallia
Information, availability query and online booking*


Here events take place at the Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano
Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano


Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano **** in Castelraimondo

The Relais Hotel Borgo Lanciano in Castelraimondo is a special hotel in the Marche region. The rooms of the hotel are located in the outbuildings of a castle. Reception, restaurant, hotel rooms and wellness area as well as event rooms are located in different buildings. Their historical substance is well preserved or restored. They are grouped around a green space, which gives the hotel area space and a village character arise.

A hotel for connoisseurs

Hotel manager Raffaele Guidotti tells us that there is an underground river running through the area, giving the place its feel. It was even scientifically examined in the year 2014. It has been found that the radioactivity, the earth's magnetic field and the electromagnetic field are lower than expected at such a location. The environment of the Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano is energetically cleaner than other places in the region. The perfect place to slow down!


Bed in Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano
At the Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano


The building ensemble

The building ensemble includes a chapel, which is used for weddings. I can imagine that a wedding in this romantic setting is unforgettable. When I ask whether one can marry here as a German, I am told that a civil marriage is possible.


Restaurant at the Hotel Borgo Lanciano


The hotel has a small spa area in the basement of the Zimmer Trakt with treatment rooms and an indoor and outdoor pool. In winter, the 32 degree of hot water causes the steam in the building tract to spread. If you come in from the cold, that is a bit disturbing, but in the rooms you will not notice.


Day bed in Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano
At the Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano


In the restaurant we enjoy dinner with regional specialties. Soup and bread with peperonata as a starter, pasta, risotto with porcini mushrooms, lamb and rabbit with potatoes and salad and as a dessert, cream puffs and panacotta taste delicious. There are wines from the region to go with every course.


Restaurant at the Hotel Borgo Lanciano


We think the Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano is a hotel to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle. From here you can the environment explore as well as you can spend a relaxing stay in a great atmosphere. The Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano impressed us the most among the three hotels in the Marche region.


Terracotta amphorae

Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano ****
Località Lanciano 5
62022 Castelraimondo
Information, availability query and online booking*

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  1. Markus
    | Reply

    There are really nice suggestions and tips. Thanks for this great report and the info.

    • Monika & Petar Fuchs
      | Reply

      Hi Mark,

      I'm glad if you like it. Just a note: the comments are not there to advertise travel deals for free. For that we offer fair possibilities.

      Sincerely yours,

  2. Farmhouse
    | Reply

    These all seem to be really nice accommodations. I've been to Marken many times and it's a beautiful region that I think is worth a visit.

    • Monika & Petar Fuchs
      | Reply

      I agree with you. We also liked the region Marken very much.
      (I removed the link to the site because it's advertising, we offer other options for that.)

  3. Marion
    | Reply

    The hotels look really adorable. I have to say I'm the total fan of Italy, but I've never been to the Marche region, I've never even heard the name. Maybe next time it will be a visit to this corner of the country ...

    • Monika & Petar Fuchs
      | Reply

      Hello Marion,

      yes, the hotels were great. Especially the Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano we liked it very much. Beautiful and very varied was also the region Marche in and around Ancona.


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