Tips for a weekend in Würzburg

Germany travel destinations for connoisseurs - Würzburg

Tips for Würzburg and the surrounding area

With these tips for Würzburg you can design your very own weekend for connoisseurs. For this we present hotels, restaurants and attractions. You can use it to take your city trip to the city on Main put together yourself.


Citizens Hospital of the City of Würzburg

Ways to wine in the city of Würzburg

Würzburg wine tour This Würzburg wine tour is part of a pleasure trip in Franconia like a Schäufele with dumplings or a Franconian sauerbraten. Franconia is a Bavarian pleasure region and offers tasty dishes as well as various types of beer and excellent wines. So what could be more natural than to let us show us the way to wine in Würzburg on our journey through the Franconian wine country? We let Dorothea Eberlein lead us to the wine locations in Würzburg. She is from Würzburg, wine connoisseur and tour guide in ...
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Breakfast terrace overlooking Würzburg

Weinberg Hotel in Wurzburg

Schlosshotel Steinburg - the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg This Weinberg Hotel in Würzburg is an experience in itself. Nothing gives an idea of ​​the grandiose view of Würzburg and the vineyards of the Würzburger Stein. In the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg in Bavaria we begin our journey on the route of pleasure. This journey finally leads us through the worlds of pleasure in Franconia, Hesse and Baden. But this Würzburg hotel in the winery is also suitable for a wine weekend. Our navigation system steers us from the A3 in ...
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Steep slopes of the Würzburger Stein am Main - take a vacation in the wine region of Germany

5 wine places for a wine weekend in the Main Valley

Wine weekend in Franconia Five wine locations in Franconia for a vacation with a winemaker in Franconia or for a wine weekend in Franconia? Going on holiday in a wine region in Germany is possible in these places. A Franconian wine route that bears this name does not officially exist. But a vacation on the Main at a winegrower's house comes very close to this experience. When the winemakers harvest their grapes in autumn, things get exciting in the wine regions. How was the summer How much sun did the grapes get? As ...
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Residenz (Castle in the center of Munich)
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Tips for a weekend in Würzburg
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