A guest in the Mostviertel near Mostbaron Distelberger

Toni Distelberger

In the spring, the Mostviertel is the most beautiful

We drive through at the end of April Mostviertel near Amstetten in Lower Austria. We immediately notice the pear trees, They are in full bloom. It should be over a million. This is what Gudrun Wiesenhofer from the Mostviertel Tourismus tells us. We are there in the spring for a few days. If I look around like that, then I believe her. The pear trees are everywhere on the hills, in front of the woods and in the meadows. Gnarly and old, they look.

They give the spring landscape a special ambience. It looks almost delicate. Delicate flowers adorn the tree tops. However, we are here to learn about the region's produce. The must, after which the country between the Danube, Styria and Upper Austria is named. We are guests of someone who is familiar with the production of must: the Mostbaron Toni Distelberger.


The must farm Distelberger
The must farm Distelberger


Guest at the Mostbaron Toni Distelberger

Toni Distelberger is one of the must farmers. Twenty of them have joined 2003 together. They want to help the must production to new meaning. Since the Second World War, lemonades had outstripped the must. On the other hand, must production had become increasingly unattractive. Even ancient pear trees were felled. An agricultural industry was seriously threatened. Toni Distelberger finally teamed up with other mustards. Since then they are working to improve the products from the pears. They also market them together.



With an unprecedented marketing campaign, they made the Mostviertel pear wine the trademark of their homeland. At any rate, musts are among the best in the world today. Even pears Cuvée have been around since 2013 from the Mostviertel. Toni Distelberger makes from his pears both juice and must as well as other products. These include, for example, a pear mustard that sweetens the smoked meat it serves us. A tasty combination.


Toni Distelberger shows us his fruit press
Toni Distelberger shows us his fruit press


A life for the must

We are looking forward to Toni Distelberger. In the days we are traveling in the Mostviertel we have heard from him again and again. Even his father has collected everything that has to do with must production all his life. From fruit presses to press houses. He finally made this accessible to the public in the Mostviertler Bauernmuseum. That's how we first see the buildings of the museum. Opposite his son tests new pear varieties. With these he wants to secure his must for future generations. He also shows us his fruit press, which is located in the courtyard of his square farm.


Jungmost tasting on the Distelberger Hof
Jungmost tasting on the Distelberger Hof


From sweet to brut - the cider varieties in the Mostviertel

There we can also taste its cider varieties. He serves us his Baronmost sweet, the Amstettner Mostbirnmost, bacon biscuits and a pear foam wine brut. We should find out which of them tastes mild, sweet, full-bodied, half-mild, dry or tart and refreshing. Except for the Amstettner Mostbirnmost I'm right. But even if my assessment of musts is not quite right, it tasted all the time. While tasting the pear must, he explains that Mostviertler musts are made from special pears. These include the bacon pear, the Rosenhof pear, the green Pichl pear, the Dorschbirne and the Swiss water pear.


Toni Distelberger in front of his square farm in the Mostviertel
Toni Distelberger in front of his square farm in the Mostviertel


Proud Mostbarone

In the cellar of his farm Toni Distelberger finally shows us his must storage. He also almost shyly admits that he painted the pear on a painting on the wall. In any case, she has succeeded him well and expresses his passion for the must. He is proud of it. You can tell that in any case, as he shows us the rest of his farm. Anyone who wants to deal with the pear must can do so in the Mostviertel. It is also worth visiting Toni Distelberger.



Fam. Toni and Irmi Distelberger
Mostbauernhof, Mostviertler Bauernmuseum
Gigerreith 39
3300 Amstetten
Mostviertel, Lower AustriaTel .: + 43 (0) 7479 / 7334


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A guest in the Mostviertel near Mostbaron Distelberger

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  1. Hello Monika,
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    1. Above all, it is very refreshing, I think. Until our visit to the Mostviertel, we always drove by on the motorway. All the more astonished we were when we took a closer look at the region. She has her own charm.

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    1. Dear Katja,

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