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Top article 2023

What interested our readers most in 2023?

At the end of a year, it's always interesting to see which topics were most popular over the last 12 months. This is a good insight into the zeitgeist that currently prevails in the travel sector. Our top articles of 2023 can come from a variety of topics. There are numerous travel destinations to choose from on the blog. These range from trips to distant continents to excursion destinations. Our types of travel are also varied. We went on road trips, by train (although not often), by houseboat, cruise ship on the Rhone or by motorhome.

The topic of hiking also plays a role in our blog. The same applies to the accommodations we present in the blog. We stayed in wellness hotels, visited luxury hotels and holiday parks, but also tested accommodations that are exceptional. We also present the world's cuisines, in which we report on recipes from all over the world, but also on experiences that can be discovered on culinary journeys. It's always exciting to see what has hit the nerve of the times in the last 12 months. The top articles of 2023 show what our readers were particularly interested in last year.

Our top articles for 2023

1. Top Articles 2023 – Luxembourg Specialties you should know

This one is almost a long-running favorite among our articles. It is also the top article on the blog in 2023 and deals with the specialties of Luxembourg that may be of interest to travelers. Luxembourg offers a variety of dishes heavily influenced by France, Germany and Belgium. Luxembourgish cuisine is characterized by hearty and filling dishes, ideal for cold days. Typical dishes include Grompere Kichelcher (potato pancakes), Kuddelfleck (tripe dish), Andouillette and Träipen (sausages), and Kallefskaap (calf's head). Sweet specialties such as Bamkuch (cake) and Quetschentaart (plum cake) are also popular. Luxembourg is also known for its wines, especially Riesling and Crémant.


Trout from Luxembourg
Trout from Luxembourg


2. Top articles 2023: What does a typical American Breakfast look like ?

In our annual review of the top articles for 2023, the article about the typical American breakfast should not be missing. This article showcases the USA's rich and diverse breakfast culture. From savory items like scrambled eggs and bacon to sweet treats like pancakes and waffles topped with maple syrup and fresh fruit, the American breakfast has something for every taste. The article also highlights the differences from continental and fast food breakfast options and provides tips on where to experience the authentic breakfast experience in the US and Canada. What surprised us was that it was primarily the American readers of our blog who enjoyed reading this article.


Breakfast by the pool in Miami Beach
Breakfast by the pool in Miami Beach


3. Top articles 2023: Water features in Kassel – This is what you should know before you visit.

One of the top articles for 2023 is the article about the water features at Herkules in Kassel. The article describes the water cascades, which are fed by rainwater and only take place twice a week. Readers learn about the hike through the baroque water garden, which was initiated by Landgrave Carl and later expanded by Landgrave Friedrich II. The highlight is the mighty fountain, which shoots up to 50 meters high - a masterpiece of baroque horticulture. An experience that captivated our readers and made it one of the most read articles of the year.


Baroque water features
The Kassel Herkules water features in Northern Hesse


Runner-ups among the top articles of 2023

4. Best hiking shoes for wide feet

One of the top articles of 2023 was our guide to buying hiking shoes for women with wide feet. This post offers tips for anyone faced with the challenge of finding comfortable and suitable hiking shoes. The article gives practical advice on purchasing and introduced various models and brands that are suitable for wide feet. This guide is aimed at all hiking enthusiasts who need special shoes. Having dealt with these issues myself, I am particularly pleased that our readers appreciate this article.

5. Simple gas grill recipes for beginners - delicious ideas

A highlight among the top articles in 2023 was the article about simple and delicious gas grill recipes for beginners. This article offers a wealth of inspiration for barbecue enthusiasts who wanted to enjoy the summer with juicy burgers, grilled vegetables and other delicacies. There are recipes for cevapcici, bratwurst, spare ribs and various vegetable dishes. The article also provides valuable tips on the correct grilling technique. A guide for anyone who wanted to improve their grilling skills and discover new taste experiences.

6. Magical moments at the Ottawa Winterlude Festival

Our readers from Canada catapulted this article into the top articles of 2023. The article describes the freezing temperatures and atmosphere during the Ottawa Winterlude Festival. It shows the ice sculptures and skating on the Rideau Canal, which turns into a 7,8 kilometer long ice rink. The article provides insights into the festival's diverse activities and events, which captivate both locals and visitors. It gives an insight into one of America's most spectacular festivals.

7. Dutch Oven Sizes – Which One Fits Me?

One of our top articles for 2023 is the guide to Dutch oven sizes. This article provides insights into choosing the right Dutch oven depending on individual needs and cooking habits. Explanations of different sizes and their capacities, from small 1-2 liter pots for individuals to large 10-12 liter pots for large groups, make the article helpful. A practical guide for all outdoor cooking enthusiasts and fans of traditional cooking.

8. Valuable tips for motorhome newbies

The guide for motorhome newbies has been very popular for a long time. It offers tips for a successful motorhome holiday, making it one of the top articles of 2023. The article was based on personal experiences of a trip through the Franconian wine country and provides insights into the challenges and joys of traveling with a motorhome. The article also emphasizes the importance of route planning, selecting suitable parking spaces and adapting to life in a motorhome. A guide for anyone planning their first motorhome holiday.

9. Chakalaka recipe from South Africa

Our Chakalaka recipe from South Africa was also among the top articles in 2023. Chakalaka, a vegetable dish, originated in the townships and miners' settlements around Johannesburg. It represents the simple cuisine of workers who prepare a dish using ingredients such as onions, peppers, carrots, tomatoes and beans seasoned with cumin and ginger. Chakalaka is traditionally served with barbecues, corn porridge or as a side dish to meat dishes. It is definitely an integral part of South Africa's food culture.

10. Baking bread in the Omnia - This is how bread is baked in the mobile home

Finally, a highlight among the top articles in 2023 was the instructions for baking bread in the motorhome with the Omnia oven. The article offers a practical solution, ideal for camping and RV enthusiasts. The recipe for yeast white bread in the Omnia oven is simple and versatile, with tips for variations by adding seeds, fried onions or nuts. The post highlights the simplicity and convenience of baking in the Omnia oven, which is perfect for life on the go. A guide for everyone who doesn't want to miss out on the enjoyment of fresh bread while traveling.

Where are the travel articles in the top articles of 2023?

You're probably wondering, where are the travel articles among our top articles for 2023? Above all, it was helpful and practical articles that made it into the top 10 of our articles this year. This is certainly because Google has adjusted its algorithms more towards helpful and practical tips this year. However, these top posts for 2023 are quickly followed by the first travel destinations.

Most popular travel destinations – top articles 2023

The following destinations also made it into the 50 top articles of 2023 on TravelWorldOnline:

The travel destinations are listed here according to their rank in our statistics. The result is an interesting mix, with European and long-distance travel destinations being mixed. I'm curious to see whether and how the picture will change in the coming year. In any case, our top articles for 2023 provide a good insight into which destinations and travel topics appealed most to our readers.


Top article 2023
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The top articles of 2023 on TravelWorldOnline

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