Baltic Sea

Which Baltic Sea beach is the most beautiful?

The Baltic Sea beaches have not only attracted visitors in recent years. They have been a magnet for visitors since the summer resorts began in the days of the emperors. Year after year, more visitors come to the sea in northern Germany.

Gamla Stan, Old Town of Stockholm

For those who come to Stockholm for the first time, Gamla Stan is a must. This is where the core of Stockholm is, from which the city developed. The art galleries, cafés, restaurants and craft shops are not to be missed.

Over the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen

Shortly after Malmö, signs above the motorway announce the last exit on Swedish soil. Since there are costs and tolls for crossing the Øresund Bridge, we join the toll lane for credit card payers. You can also buy a ticket for the Øresund Bridge online.

Boat trip Stockholm - Experience Sweden's capital from the boat

Find out here how a prince helped us to take a boat tour through Stockholm. Without Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden we would never have done this Stockholm boat tour. So the prince couple encouraged us to take our boat tour through Stockholm.

A day in Stockholm

A day in Stockholm? The best place to start is in the old town. Stockholm's core cell is Gamla Stan, the old town from which the city has expanded in all directions and across several islands over the centuries. The quickest way to reach many parts of the city is by ship.

Darss sights between Fischland and Zingst

A trip to the sights on the Darß is a trip into nature, to beaches and to the cranes. You won't find any large towns here. Instead, you will find fishing villages and a nature that you have to discover. Take your time to intensively experience the region on the Baltic Sea.

Mini Cruise Baltic Sea - Practical travel information

With the ferries of the Tallink Silja Line you can take a mini-cruise from Stockholm via Helsinki to Tallinn and back to Stockholm. In this article, we present what you should pay attention to when planning and organizing.

Baltic Sea Resorts and Hanseatic Cities – Baltic Sea Cities in Germany

Baltic cities in Germany fascinate. The seaside resorts invite you to a holiday by the sea. Many of them are on beaches that are worth visiting. Some are known for their spa architecture. Hanseatic cities on the Baltic Sea take their visitors into history. There you will learn interesting facts about the merchants who made them rich.

Three restaurants in Kühlungsborn for every taste

Discover three restaurants in Kühlungsborn that offer something good for every budget. We recommend a gourmet restaurant, tea time in the winter garden of a hotel and a french fry booth at the marina. Enjoy the food in Kühlungsborn.

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