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How do you eat a lobster?

How do you eat a lobster? We ask ourselves the question on our pleasure trip through New Brunswick. Do you know that too? You'd love to try an exotic specialty, but you don't know how to eat it. For lobsters, that's probably how many of us do. Here you can find out how to do it.

Toronto Chinatown - Impressions

Toronto Chinatown During our stay in Toronto we take time to stroll through Chinatown. This is arguably one of the most famous ethnic neighborhoods in the metropolis on Lake Ontario. Chinatown is the Toronto neighborhood that best shows the culture of its residents. For me it symbolizes the diversity of this multicultural city. Unmistakably Chinese ... go to Article

Ottawa Winterlude 2021: Ice Sculptures and More

Experience the Ottawa Winterlude 2021 Ottawa Winterlude 2021! That's how I imagine winter. Freezing temperatures, lots of snow, frozen rivers and a bright blue sky, where the sun's rays make the snow sparkle. We are fortunate enough to experience the Ottawa Winterlude under optimal - albeit icy - conditions. At ... go to Article

How To Experience Toronto Attractions Affordably

Travel tips on how to experience Toronto attractions cheaply How to experience Toronto attractions cheaply, we have tested on this trip. That does not work, you mean? Oh, but if you know the tricks we present here. Our Toronto tips on how to get around the city cheaply will help. Search for hotels in the center to ... go to Article

L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland - Viking Site

Experience the Vikings in L'Anse aux Meadows We are in L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland and want to see how the Vikings once lived here. The north tip of Newfoundland extends from the wind, into the narrow strait of the Strait of Belle Isle. The sea road separates the island from the mainland of Labrador. Hardly ... go to Article

Canada in Winter - Packing List for Winter Travel

Canada in winter - what is the best winter clothing? What is the best winter clothing for Canada in winter? We asked ourselves this question as soon as it became clear that we would attend the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa. It is not so easy to properly pack the suitcase for such a trip. Because temperatures of -33 ° ... go to Article

Canadian ice wine from Niagara

Canadian ice wine in Munich! We were invited to a presentation of Canadian wines from the Inniskillin Winery in the Niagara region. The evening took place in the Stromberg KOUNGE in Munich. Both the Ontario Tourism Board and Inniskillin Winery were hosts. They even traveled with their own cook. He received us ... go to Article

The five most beautiful beaches in Canada

Canada's Five Most Beautiful Beaches - Canada is usually associated with wild national parks, deep forests, and grizzly bears. Hardly anyone thinks of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. Most tourists are unaware that Canada also has breathtaking beaches. But a beach trip is definitely worth it, especially since the mild water temperatures ... go to Article

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