Eastern Canada

How To Experience Toronto Attractions Affordably

With these travel tips you can experience Toronto and its sights inexpensively. In this article you will find out how not to forego comfort and good food. You will also find sights and events here that are offered free of charge.

Ontario's beginnings in the Upper Canada Village

In the Upper Canada Village you will immerse yourself in the history of Ontario. But that was not always so. In the middle of the 19th century, Ontario was still a rural province, where most of the people lived from farming and processing agricultural products.

In Toronto this tastes good

In Toronto it tastes good - even chocolate with crystal salt Offers me chocolate and I don't say no. It tastes just as tasty in Toronto as it does elsewhere. I love chocolate in every shape and intensity. And so I can rarely walk past chocolate, pralines, chocolate pudding or chocolate cream. Every dessert menu that contains chocolate dishes has [...]

Ottawa Winterlude 2022: Ice Sculptures and More

This is how I imagine winter to be. Frosty temperatures, lots of snow, frozen rivers and a bright blue sky where the sun's rays make the snow sparkle. We are lucky enough to experience the Ottawa Winterlude under optimal conditions.

Discoveries Portuguese Mariner - Henry the Navigator, Fernando Magellan ...

Henry the Navigator sent expeditions along the west coast of Africa. An attempt to bypass the Muslim trade routes. These Portuguese seafarers moved slowly and cautiously south for fear of the dangers that traders from Arabia were spreading rumors about in order to deter this very competition from Europe.

Ontario, land of lakes, forests and bears

Ontario places of interest. Our journey takes us around Georgian Bay in Ontario, the eastern bay of Lake Huron. We get to know Ontario as it often appears in the stereotypes of Canada. There are countless lakes, large and small, up to ponds and ponds that don't even deserve the name "lake".

On the coast of Nova Scotia, windchimes are causing a stir

Wind chimes made of wood or metal are the stars at the Whirligig Festival in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. You are made by yourself. The best are awarded every year. You can also buy them there. If you don't want to take them with you, you can buy some here.

Charming Quebec village - Knowlton

Knowlton Quebec is one of those villages on Quebec's US border where loyalists fled to British-ruled Quebec after the end of the American Revolution. Today it's a popular day trip destination from Montreal.

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia's most beautiful lighthouse

The Peggy's Cove lighthouse in Nova Scotia Canada is one of the highlights that the Canadian province on the Atlantic has to offer. Everyone who comes here must have seen the most beautiful lighthouse on Canada's Atlantic coast.

Whales are watching in front of Newfoundland

Whale watching is a top attraction in St. John's, Newfoundland. This whale watching tour begins in St. John Harbor and heads into the waters off Cape Spear. The whales feed on krill in the waters off Newfoundland in July.

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