Prince Edward Island

Three attractions in Charlottetown, PEI

Prince Edward Island's capital, Charlottetown, is not large. Nevertheless, it played an important role in the history of the country: today's Canada was founded here. Therefore, the city offers some sights that you should not miss when visiting.

Prince Edward Island and its highlights

The charm of Prince Edward Island lies in its small villages, the fields where potatoes grow to the horizon, and the fishing ports where the little lobster boats wait for their next departure.

Beautiful beaches in eastern Canada

Here we introduce you to beautiful beaches in Eastern Canada that we discovered on the way and that are among our favorite beaches. Each of these beaches is worth at least one detour, if not a longer stay.

Wool and felt from Prince Edward Island

Did you know that the muskox undercoat provides fibers from which wool can be spun? The product is called quiviut, and we got to know the soft wool it is made from on our trip to Prince Edward Island at Belfast Mini Mills.

Prince Edward Island Oysters, Clams & Quahogs

Seafood and crustaceans play a big part in the cuisine of Prince Edward Island and the Atlantic provinces of Canada. No wonder! The sea is nowhere far away. Therefore, on this trip we took a closer look at the delicacies that the sea delivers:

Three lovely villages on Prince Edward Island

Three Must-See Villages on Prince Edward Island People like to pass them because they are often only mentioned as a sideline in travel guides. The small places that you often come across on the way more by chance than by planning. Often it is they who stay in the memory of a trip. Often they spray [...]

Have a good meal in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Eat well in Charlottetown The dining scene in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island is diverse. It offers chip stalls and tea rooms. There are restaurants that specialize in seafood. You can find pizzerias and Italian restaurants. We discovered Irish pubs. We also found restaurants with Japanese, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese and German cuisine. Eating well in Charlottetown is [...]

The first settlers in Prince Edward Island

Roma at Three Rivers isn't very big and never has been. It is a place on the east coast of Prince Edward Island on a peninsula in the Montague River. The first settlers in Prince Edward Island settled there in the 18th century under the direction of the French trader Jean Pierre Roma.

Anne of Green Gables lived here, or something ...

Anne of Green Gables is a fictional character for whom Prince Edward Island is famous. The girl with the pigtails and freckles ubiquitous on Prince Edward Island is an invention of Lucy Maud Montgomery. A visit to Green Gables brings them to life.

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