Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail is considered one of the most beautiful routes on Canada's east coast. We agree. Always following the sea, you follow the route around one of the most beautiful peninsulas in Nova Scotia. We were traveling along this route, which winds around part of Cape Breton Island. Particularly impressive are the views that the trail offers.
Video from the Cabot Trail
Get in the mood for a tour along this panoramic road:

Not only the trail, but also the access routes are interesting. The scenic road also scores points through landscapes, views and hiking opportunities. In addition, there is much to discover about the region, its people and its history on the Ceilidh Trail. It is worth spending several days in this region to have time for walks, trips off the main route and visits to craft shops or museums.

An overview for one Roadtrip on the Cabot Trail you can finally get here. You will also find tips along the route in the blog articles.

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