How To Experience Toronto Attractions Affordably

With these travel tips you can experience Toronto and its sights inexpensively. In this article you will find out how not to forego comfort and good food. You will also find sights and events here that are offered free of charge.

Ontario's beginnings in the Upper Canada Village

In the Upper Canada Village you will immerse yourself in the history of Ontario. But that was not always so. In the middle of the 19th century, Ontario was still a rural province, where most of the people lived from farming and processing agricultural products.

In Toronto this tastes good

In Toronto it tastes good - even chocolate with crystal salt Offers me chocolate and I don't say no. It tastes just as tasty in Toronto as it does elsewhere. I love chocolate in every shape and intensity. And so I can rarely walk past chocolate, pralines, chocolate pudding or chocolate cream. Every dessert menu that contains chocolate dishes has [...]

Ottawa Winterlude 2022: Ice Sculptures and More

This is how I imagine winter to be. Frosty temperatures, lots of snow, frozen rivers and a bright blue sky where the sun's rays make the snow sparkle. We are lucky enough to experience the Ottawa Winterlude under optimal conditions.

Ontario, land of lakes, forests and bears

Ontario places of interest. Our journey takes us around Georgian Bay in Ontario, the eastern bay of Lake Huron. We get to know Ontario as it often appears in the stereotypes of Canada. There are countless lakes, large and small, up to ponds and ponds that don't even deserve the name "lake".

Canada lakeside log cabin rentals for a life in the wild

We rent a Canada log cabin on the lake with its own boat dock. This is Canada as you imagine it to be in your dreams. Nature is practically on your doorstep, and it can hardly be more beautiful. This is life in Canada as we like it. Do you want to experience that too? You can rent a log cabin here.

Toronto women-only hotel with spa

We visit a Toronto hotel with a spa, to which men are not allowed. The "Verity Spa" is run by a women's club from the metropolis. Here you have created an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of the big city, where you can do your business and relax.

Bata Shoe Museum Toronto

We are in the Bata Shoe Museum Toronto. The Bata Shoe Museum is near the Royal Ontario Museum on Bloor Street. In this museum you can learn a lot about the role of shoes around the world. We meet the founder of the museum, Sonja Bata. She tells us how she got her shoe collection.

Winter vacation packing list - How do you protect yourself against the cold?

Icy cold is very noticeable. Therefore, you should know beforehand how best to protect yourself against the cold. Which winter clothing is the best. These tips will help with activities that are possible in winter. These tips are just as interesting for skiers as they are for traveling to regions with extreme cold.

Upper Canada Village Ontario, Canada

The good old days are coming back to life in the Upper Canada Village in Ontario, Canada. Every summer, millers, woodworkers, weavers and tailors work with original machines from the 19th century in the craft shops in the Upper Canada Village in Ontario.

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