The best photos of Indian Summer in the US and Canada

The Best Photos from Indian Summer Autumn has arrived in New England and Eastern Canada. For us this is definitely the best time to travel to these regions. Then nature rears up again. For the last time in the year it shows a color spectacle. The extensive deciduous forests are colorful. First[…]

Where can you see the cranberry harvest in Canada?

Ever since I saw the first cranberry fields twenty years ago, I wanted to watch the bright red berries being harvested. I knew from stories and photos that water played a role in this, and in some shots from New England cranberry farmers were shown cutting cranberries with large [...]

Cozy B&B in Gravenhurst, Ontario

In the middle of a residential area in the small town of Gravenhurst in Ontario is the Blaincroft Bed & Breakfast, a small, cozy bed and breakfast in the Muskoka region that rents two very comfortable guest rooms. We arrive there on our Ontario trip after a beautiful day in the lake region north of Toronto and are welcomed by Marsha Blain, [...]

Sightseeing tour of the Muskoka region in Ontario

We take two days for a sightseeing tour through the Muskoka region in Ontario. In Canada, this holiday region is also called the “Cottage Country” because here - only about an hour and a half north of Toronto - many residents of the metropolis have their holiday homes. Some of them are actually "cottages", which literally means so much [...]

At a lake in Ontario, Canada

At Eagle Lake in Ontario At a lake in Ontario: An ice diver flies overhead, shouting loudly. His hollow scream fits into this area where the first signs of the Indian summer are just beginning to appear. The deciduous trees show the first brightly colored leaves, whose red or gold precedes the otherwise strong green [...]

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