Hotel Chateau Laurier in Ottawa - So you eat there

During our stay at the Hotel Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, we were able to try out the various options that are offered for dining in this hotel: a breakfast in the Wilfried's restaurant with table service, a buffet breakfast in the Wilfried's restaurant, a breakfast in the private lounge of the Fairmont Gold class , the great tea time in Zoe's Lounge and a [...]

Fairmont Gold at Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario

A home away from home in Canada's capital Ottawa Luxury hotels are nothing new to me - I used to stay in them when I was a tour guide, and now as a travel journalist who, among other things, writes hotel reviews, that's also part of my job . Over time, you get used to the luxury of [...]

A day in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in the spring

Winter is known to be long in Canada. The people there are all the more happy about the first day in spring. On our last trip, we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy this very day with the residents of Ottawa, Ontario. Actually, we had decided to take a couple of [...]

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