Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Top service at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto It couldn't be better! The Ritz-Carlton Toronto, near Roy Thompson Hall in downtown Toronto, is arguably one of the best hotels in the city. There are many reasons for this: its location across from one of the city's most important event locations plays just as important a role as the view from the rooms [...]

Toronto and the cultures of the world

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Allegedly they speak more than 140 different languages ​​and dialects there. The 2006 census found that nearly half of Canada's largest city (49,9%) are from other countries.

Kensington Market Toronto

The Kensington Market Toronto We visit the Kensington Market Toronto. In any case, there is no city in Canada that is home to more cultures from all over the world. Multiculturalism is very important in the metropolis on Lake Ontario. As Canada's hotspot, Toronto attracts more immigrants than any other city in the country. The more than 5,5 million inhabitants in the greater Toronto area [...]

Toronto Chinatown - Impressions

Toronto Chinatown is probably one of the most famous ethnic neighborhoods in the metropolis on Lake Ontario. Chinatown is the neighborhood in Toronto that best shows the culture of its people. For me it symbolizes the diversity of this multicultural city.

Walk at the Toronto Waterfront

A stroll along the Toronto Waterfront What do you do when you arrive in Toronto exhausted, the sun is shining outside and the blue sky beckons you outside? Take a stroll on the waterfront overlooking the Toronto Islands and Lake Ontario. Between Queens Quay and the ferry station to the Toronto Islands you can [...]

How To Experience Toronto Attractions Affordably

With these travel tips you can experience Toronto and its sights inexpensively. In this article you will find out how not to forego comfort and good food. You will also find sights and events here that are offered free of charge.

The CN Tower in Toronto

The CN Tower in Toronto It's hard to miss. The CN Tower in Toronto. For a long time it was the tallest building in the world with its height of 553 meters. However, it has now lost its first place among the tallest buildings in the world. But it still looks impressive, especially when you look at it [...]

See CN Tower from the boat

The CN Tower is one of Toronto's most famous attractions. It is the tallest building in Canada and towers above all high-rise buildings by many meters. It can be seen from many places when driving through the city. It's best seen from a boat.

In Toronto this tastes good

In Toronto it tastes good - even chocolate with crystal salt Offers me chocolate and I don't say no. It tastes just as tasty in Toronto as it does elsewhere. I love chocolate in every shape and intensity. And so I can rarely walk past chocolate, pralines, chocolate pudding or chocolate cream. Every dessert menu that contains chocolate dishes has [...]

City Hall of Toronto - Old and New

The Old and New City Hall of Toronto The Old and New City Hall of Toronto are located right next to each other in the secret city center of the metropolis, only separated by a large square, where tourists relax from their city tour in summer and the residents take a break from everyday life lay in and loll in the sun, [...]

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