Quebec City

Discover Old Quebec: What's the best way to experience Old Quebec?

The old town of Quebec Canada is spread over two levels: the urban areas that lie directly on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River, and whose streets nestle between the river and the cliffs of Cap Diamant, and the upper town, which is dominated by the Château Frontenac and the citadel.

Schools, churches, monasteries - the religious heritage of Quebec

The Religious Legacy of Quebec Religion played an important role in Old Quebec. No wonder, as the city on Cap Diamant above the St. Lawrence River was one of the first centers of French settlement in Canada. In 1608, Quebec City was owned by Samuel de Champlain as a palisade fort at the foot of the steep cape at the site of the [...]

In Quebec City, history is not far away

In Quebec City, history is never far away! There are few places in North America older than Quebec City. There is none among them in which history is as present as in the capital of the province of Quebec. Everything bears witness to the past in the capital of the province of Quebec.

Impressions from Chateau Frontenac in Quebec

The Chateau Frontenac in Quebec The Hotel Chateau Frontenac is one of the most famous Quebec City Attractions. As the loyal readers of you know, we are often on our travels in Quebec, a Canadian city that we particularly love because of its well-preserved historical cityscape, its excellent cuisine and the many interesting places that are there [...]

Fresh fruits and vegetables from the Ile d'Orléans

Fresh fruit and vegetables from the Ile d'Orléans The Ile d'Orléans at the gates of Québec City is a true paradise for connoisseurs: Jacques Cartier, the first European to visit you in the 16th century on one of his trips up the Saint Lawrence River discovered, referred to it as the island of Bacchus. At that time, however, he had no idea [...]

Eating in Quebec Canada

Eating in Quebec Canada Anyone who says there is no food culture in Canada has never been to Quebec. The sight of the delicious sausages, cheeses and poultry specialties in delicatessen shops but also in some supermarkets makes your mouth water. If you take the time, you can take a trip through Canada's Belle Province [...]

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