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Best cider from Canada from Sea Cider Farm

Admittedly, I had not thought much about cider before I visited Sea Cider Farm in Saanichton north of Victoria on Vancouver Island. From time to time I drink a glass because it quenches the thirst so well. But I did not know much more about it before. Cider tasting on the ... go to Article

Three museums in Vancouver show life on the west coast of Canada

Metal crab in front of the Museum of Vancouver © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline On our tour through Vancouver we pass three museums that we want to introduce to you. They deal with life on the west coast of Canada and in Vancouver. In these museums, one can get well informed about what life is about ... go to Article

Vancouver Miku Restaurant serves sushi for European palates

Vancouver's restaurants are definitely one: international, varied and, above all, good. There are only a few cities where the guest can dine in such a variety of ways as in the metropolis on Canada's west coast. In addition, the restaurant scene attracts Vancouver's numerous award-winning chefs from all over the world, who here with their skills ... go to Article

The aquarium in Sidney on Vancouver Island

Jellyfish at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center in Vancouver Island © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline Rarely has anything surprised and impressed me so much as the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center in Sidney on Vancouver Island. Of course I'm interested in the animals that live in the depths of our oceans, and I find them fascinating, too. Especially because … go to Article

5 farmers markets in Vancouver, British Columbia

During the summer months, farmers from the surrounding regions come to the city and offer their locally grown products at 5 various farmers' markets: fruits, vegetables, bread and other, often homemade delicacies, which are good because the ingredients are home-grown can be harvested and thus harvested at the optimum time. These … go to Article

Fresh fish for the Aquarium of Ucluelet

Every year there is fresh fish for the Aquarium of Ucluelet A rather unusual aquarium stands on the waterfront of the small fishing village Ucluelet on Pacific Rim on the west coast Vancouver Islands in British Columbia. Every year in spring, the aquarium receives fresh fish and other marine animals for its showcases and water tanks. A museum, the tourist ... go to Article

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