The best Christmas markets in Canada

Where do you find the best Christmas markets in Canada? Few countries are home to as many cultures from around the world as Canada does. The Christmas markets in Canada are all the more interesting. Here we introduce the best.

Italian Cuisine at Italian Kitchen in Vancouver

Maybe it was because of the rainy weather, but it doesn't look like much from the outside - the restaurant "The Italian Kitchen" on Alberni Street in downtown Vancouver. You have to know where it is, because it is not on one of the lively main streets in downtown, but tucked away in a smaller side street where you can [...]

Three museums in Vancouver show life on the west coast of Canada

On our tour of Vancouver we pass three museums that we would like to introduce to you. They deal with life on the west coast of Canada and in Vancouver. In these museums you can get good information about what life is like on the West Coast of British Columbia, be it by looking at the [...]

Vacation in Vancouver, where Hollywood stars live

It seldom happens to me that I am speechless when I see a holiday home, as I have stayed in many luxurious accommodations on my work-related trips. But when I step into the apartment on Keefer Street on the outskirts of Vancouver's Chinatown, I catch my breath for a while. We leave the elevator [...]

Vancouver Miku Restaurant serves sushi for European palates

  Vancouver's restaurants are definitely one thing: international, varied and, above all, good. There are few cities in which the guest can dine in such diverse ways as in the metropolis on Canada's west coast. In addition, the restaurant scene in Vancouver attracts numerous award-winning chefs from all over the world, who show off their skills here. [...]

5 farmers markets in Vancouver, British Columbia

During the summer months, farmers from the surrounding regions come to the city and offer their locally grown products at 5 different farmers' markets: fruit, vegetables, bread and other, often home-made delicacies, which taste good mainly because the ingredients are home-grown originate and can therefore be harvested at the optimal time. These markets [...]

Why Vancouver is worth the trip

This is why Vancouver is worth a visit Vancouver is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And I fully agree. But what is it that makes this city on the west coast of Canada so beautiful? It can't be the weather, because because of its proximity to the sea, the maritime climate determines the weather situation in Vancouver - and [...]

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