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Hiking on the Wild Pacific Trail Vancouver Island

Hiking on the Wild Pacific Trail on Vancouver Island We experience one of the most beautiful hiking trails on Canada's west coast in April this year on the Wild Pacific Trail on Vancouver Island. We actually chose this time of year because we wanted to experience one of the notorious storms on the Pacific Rim. Instead, the weather god gives us a ... go to Article

Canada in Winter - Packing List for Winter Travel

Canada in winter - what is the best winter clothing? What is the best winter clothing for Canada in winter? We asked ourselves this question as soon as it became clear that we would attend the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa. It is not so easy to properly pack the suitcase for such a trip. Because temperatures of -33 ° ... go to Article

Canadian ice wine from Niagara

Canadian ice wine in Munich! We were invited to a presentation of Canadian wines from the Inniskillin Winery in the Niagara region. The evening took place in the Stromberg KOUNGE in Munich. Both the Ontario Tourism Board and Inniskillin Winery were hosts. They even traveled with their own cook. He received us ... go to Article

Rillettes Recipe and Memories of Canada

Rillettes from the duck This is the first contribution of a new culinary series about the regional kitchens of the world, which we start together with Azlin Bloor from LinsFood. In it we will introduce you to regional recipes that we brought with us from our travels. Azlin is a cook and will show you in her videos how to ... go to Article

The five most beautiful beaches in Canada

Canada's Five Most Beautiful Beaches - Canada is usually associated with wild national parks, deep forests, and grizzly bears. Hardly anyone thinks of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. Most tourists are unaware that Canada also has breathtaking beaches. But a beach trip is definitely worth it, especially since the mild water temperatures ... go to Article

Ceilidh Trail: on to the Cabot Trail

The Ceilidh Trail We explore the Ceilidh Trail in Nova Scotia and discover real insider tips. Do you know that, too? You go to a country you don't know and choose the most famous places as travel destinations. On site you find that there is a lot of beautiful and interesting things to discover on the way there ... go to Article

Tips for the perfect Montreal City Tour for Foodies

The Perfect Montreal City Tour for Foodies We are looking for the perfect Montreal City Tour for Foodies. We know from our travels through the Cantons de l'Est and through the Ile d'Orleans that Quebec is a real paradise for connoisseurs and gourmets. The Franco-Canadian taste for good food, excellent ingredients and ... go to Article

Killarney Secrets

A real insider tip is to go hiking in Killarney Provincial Park. Hiking in Killarney Provincial Park is an experience in which you can feel Canada up close. The Killarney Provincial Park (map) is hardly known in this country - wrongly, I think. Walking in Killarney Provincial Park is a real outdoor experience. Nature lovers in particular ... go to Article

On the coast of Nova Scotia, windchimes are causing a stir

Wind chimes are celebrated on the coast of Nova Scotia in Shelburne Ever heard of "whirligigs"? No? We didn't have that until we suddenly saw roadside signs on our journey along the Lighthouse Trail on the coast of Nova Scotia. They announced the “Whirligig Festival” in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. ... go to Article

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