Shell jewelry made in New Brunswick

Marcia Poirier shows us what shell jewelry is made in New Brunswick in her studio Wild About Wampum in New Brunswick. You can also find out what Wampum is about here. It's a way to learn about local crafts on site.

Toronto Chinatown - Impressions

Toronto Chinatown is probably one of the most famous ethnic neighborhoods in the metropolis on Lake Ontario. Chinatown is the neighborhood in Toronto that best shows the culture of its people. For me it symbolizes the diversity of this multicultural city.

City Hall of Toronto - Old and New

Toronto's Old and New City Hall stand right next to each other in the secret city center of the metropolis. They are only separated by a large square. In the summer, tourists relax on it after their city tour, and the residents take a break from everyday life.

Toronto and the cultures of the world

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Allegedly they speak more than 140 different languages ​​and dialects there. The 2006 census found that nearly half of Canada's largest city (49,9%) are from other countries.

From Montreal to Quebec City along the King's Road

Most travelers take the freeway to get from Montreal to Quebec City as quickly as possible. They don't know what they're missing. The King's Road, on the other hand, leads directly along the north bank of the St. Lawrence through idyllic villages and offers beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River.

Ritz-Carlton Toronto at the CN Tower

Do you know what it's like when you are booked into a five-star hotel and you don't know whether you will feel comfortable in the exclusive surroundings of such a top hotel? In some of these top hotels, the guest is treated slightly condescendingly and I usually feel somehow out of place. Quite different in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto: the […]

Rossmount Inn in St Andrews-by-the-Sea

The historic Rossmount Inn near Saint-Andrews-by-the-Sea with its 18 rooms spread over three floors is located at the base of Chamcook Mountain in New Brunswick. It offers views of Minister's Island and Passamaquoddy Bay and excellent cuisine in its restaurant.

Kensington Market Toronto

Toronto's Kensington Market is a great place to explore Toronto's multicultural mix. Here you will find shops and restaurants that show the cultural diversity of Toronto.

Walk at the Toronto Waterfront

A Walk on the Toronto Waterfront What do you do when you arrive in Toronto exhausted, the sun is shining outside and the blue sky beckons you outside? A stroll along the Toronto Waterfront overlooking the Toronto Islands and Lake Ontario. Between Queens Quay and the Toronto Islands Ferry Station, you can[…]

Three attractions in Charlottetown, PEI

Three attractions in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island's capital, Charlottetown, is not great. No wonder, since the province whose government city it is is the smallest in Canada. Nevertheless, it played an important role in the history of the country: this is where today's Canada was founded. And so the city also offers some sights that you can see on a [...]

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