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Bata Shoe Museum Toronto

The Bata Shoe Museum Toronto We are in the Bata Shoe Museum Toronto. â € œA museum for shoes? â € you ask. â € œYes, is there? â € Yes, in Toronto. The Bata Shoe Museum has long been on our wish list for the metropolis on Lake Ontario. It is located near the Royal Ontario Museum on… go to Article

Art close up in Tofino on Vancouver Island

Native American Arts and Crafts Native American Arts and Crafts in Tofino? But yes. The Wickaninnish Inn, one of the top hotels in Canada, employs sculptors and Native American carvers. These make up almost all of the artworks on display in the hotel. What these artists create, can be seen. As soon as you enter the lobby of the Wickaninnish Inn you will feel ... go to Article

Twillingate Newfoundland - At the wild coast

On the wild coast in front of Twillingate Newfoundland There are places where one feels like in another world. Twillingate Newfoundland is one of them. There, where man hardly has anything left to say. Where nature takes over the regiment. There, where the elements determine the event. In a place where the wind ... go to Article

Discover Old Quebec: How to best experience Old Quebec?

How do you experience Old Quebec best? We want to get to know Old Quebec. Québec City is a city that attracts us time and time again. Is it because of her historical heritage that strongly reminds her of European cities or that the cityscape of the old town is very well preserved? Maybe the reason is ... go to Article

Enjoy the most beautiful cities in Canada

Enjoy the most beautiful cities in Canada What are the most beautiful cities in Canada? How can you best enjoy them? These are questions that we have asked ourselves when choosing these cities. The question of which city in Canada is the most beautiful, but is not universally valid answer, the decision is always ... go to Article

The CN Tower in Toronto

The CN Tower in Toronto It is hard to miss. The CN Tower in Toronto. For a long time it was the tallest building in the world with its height of 553 meters. However, he has lost his first place among the tallest buildings in the world. But it still looks impressive, especially if you ... go to Article

Kensington Market Toronto

Kensington Market Toronto We visit Kensington Market Toronto. In any case, there is no city in Canada with more cultures from all over the world. Multiculturalism is a top priority in the metropolis on Lake Ontario. As Canada's hotspot, Toronto attracts more immigrants than any other city in the country. The over 5,5 million inhabitants in Greater ... go to Article

Discoveries Portuguese Mariner - Henry the Navigator, Fernando Magellan ...

Discoveries of Portugal Henry the Navigator The history of Portuguese sailors began 1415 with the capture of the Moroccan city of Ceuta. The peace agreement between Castile and Portugal in the year 1411 had made it impossible for the Portuguese princes to gain honor in their fight with their neighbors. Knight games were not enough to gain combat honor. That's why ... go to Article

German Christmas markets in Canada

Christmas Markets in Canada Few countries have so many cultures from all over the world as Canada does. Not a city where people from all over the world are not at home - in one especially diverse, such as in Toronto, where almost exactly half of the inhabitants in other countries ... go to Article

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