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Tips for Foodies in Ottawa

Tips for Foodies in Ottawa With these tips for Foodies in Ottawa you will experience the city from its culinary side. Ottawa's Byward Market is just steps away from Parliament Hill, Canada's center of power. The parliamentarians like to come here for lunch. But even with tourists, the market in the lower city of ... go to Article

Prince Edward Island Oysters, Shells & Quahogs

Prince Edward Island Oysters Mussels and Quahogs Fresh from the Sea Seafood and shellfish play a big role in the cuisine of Prince Edward Island and the Atlantic provinces of Canada. No wonder! The sea is nowhere far away. Therefore, we took a closer look at the delicacies on this trip that ... go to Article

Well located hotels for Winterlude in Ottawa

Hotels for Winterlude in Ottawa Well-located hotels for winter fun in Ottawa contribute a lot to an unforgettable experience. We visited the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa. We have experienced a winter as it should be. Cold, with a lot of snow and ice and people who can not be stopped, the winter ... go to Article

Canada's single malt whiskey from Glenora

Canada's Single Malt Whiskey Canada's Single Malt Whiskey is burning at the Glenora Distillery & Inn on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Glenora is not only a whiskey distillery, but also offers a hotel and a restaurant whose cuisine is among the best on the island. With a lot of taste ... go to Article

Traditional Christmas dinner in Canada

Traditional Christmas dinner in Canada is turkey. This is usually filled with a filling of bread and served with gravy. In addition there's cranberry sauce and root vegetables such as carrots, celery and pumpkin. At such a meal, the whole family meets. It often happens in Canada that the family members come from far away parts for Christmas. go to Article

The best farmers markets in Canada

The Best Farmers Markets in Canada In Canada, the trend is towards locally produced food. Fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers in the region are naturally ripened and tastes different than products that have a long journey and an artificially interrupted maturation time behind them. In addition, you save the enormous transport costs and protect ... go to Article

Poutine, specialty from Quebec

Poutine, the Quebec specialty I really wanted to try poutine in Quebec. I had heard a lot about this dish, but I had never tried it before: some describe it quite ungalant as a potato mash with sauce, others react almost insulted because they do not have poutine outside of Quebec in all ... go to Article

Tea Time at Chateau Laurier in Ottawa

Very british - this is Canada especially during the Tea Time. In Victoria on Vancouver Island, we once discussed Canada's tea relationship and tested high tea at Butchart Gardens. We particularly liked its surroundings amidst orchids and other exotic plants. ... go to Article

The Killarney Mountain Lodge on Lake Huron

Killarney Mountain Lodge, Ontario Actually, we should have taken a boat trip to Killarney Provincial Park on this day in September - as we said: actually. But when we woke up in the morning, the rain pattered on the roof of our small, cozy log cabin in constant and steady tapping, and it was hard to get up. We knew that ... go to Article

Romantic bakery at St Lawrence

This bakery on St Lawrence is worth a stop The bakery No one in Kamouraska on St. Lawrence in Quebec can only be described as romantic. The customer enters a wild garden through an arched doorway surrounded by climbing plants. He owes his charm to this wildness. The bakery is a bit hard to find. Because the plants ... go to Article

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