Dutch Oven Sizes – Which One Fits Me?

With the Dutch Oven you can cook just as well on the terrace as on a motorhome trip or over a campfire. If you want to buy a cast iron pot, you first have to clarify which pot sizes are right for you. This Dutch Oven Size Chart will help you decide.

Simply cook food - Indian bread - Navajo Fry Bread

Native American Bread - Navajo Fry Bread There are many names that Native American bread has. It is also called Navajo Fry Bread or Frybread. The Navajo call it ntsidiigwoo. We spotted it frequently on our travels through the US and Canada. However, it is always served in First Nations kitchens.[…]

Adventure Yukon - Canada's North

Yukon Adventure It's something special, such a Yukon adventure! Traveling through the north of Canada is extraordinary and is likely to be different from most of the trips you have been on to date. The Yukon Territory is so sparsely populated that the region didn't even make it to the Canadian province. The territory has far too little for that [...]

On the way on the Dempster Highway

I have often been asked what was the most impressive experience for me that I associate with Canada. Well, there is a lot that I have experienced in the more than thirty years that I have traveled the vastness of Canada. One thing is for sure the enormous size of the country, for which one human life is not enough to [...]

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