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Silent Night, Holy Night & Salzburg

What do Silent Night Holy Night & Salzburg have in common? That's what we found out in Salzburg: Joseph Mohr, the author of the most famous Christmas carol in the world - Silent Night Holy Night - was born in Salzburg. However, this did not happen in the house in the Steingasse No. 9 in the poor people quarter of Salzburg below the Kapuzinerberg on the ... go to Article

Two Christmas Markets in Bavaria - Altötting and Passau

Discover two Christmas Markets in Bavaria We visited two Christmas Markets in Bavaria, which can hardly be more different. Worth seeing are both. The Christkindlmarkt of Altötting and the Passau Christmas Market are just over an hour's drive from each other. However, there are worlds between them, in the truest sense of the word. What makes them different ... go to Article

Christmas in Salzburg

Christmas in Salzburg on a winter walk How beautiful Salzburg is at Christmas time can not only be experienced at the city's Christmas markets. The city is so lavishly decorated for Christmas that an easy walk through the old town or a visit to the restaurant is enough to turn you into a Christmas spirit. We were this time ... go to Article

Christmas time in Salzburg

For Christmas in Salzburg A strange vehicle is on the way Christmas time in Salzburg in the Salzburger Land. A tractor decorated with fir branches pulls an extraordinary car behind it. There is a wooden hut on the loading area. This is similar to the tractor tightly decorated with fir trees green and on the front side emblazoned large the inscription "Krampusse auf Tour". ... go to Article

Three Christmas Markets in Salzburg - from romantic to noble

Three Christmas Markets in Salzburg We can recommend three Christmas Markets in Salzburg. Christmas is especially beautiful in this city. Due to its location on the northern edge of the Alps, Salzburg is predestined to spread Christmas spirit. The fact that the hills and mountains are covered in snow early in the year, and you can see them from almost ... go to Article

Christmas romance in Gengenbach in the Black Forest

Advent Calendar Gengenbach in the Black Forest © Copyright Tourism Baden-Württemberg The Advent Calendar Gengenbach in the Black Forest Every year in the Black Forest there is the advent calendar Gengenbach with its changing motifs. From 30.11.-23.12.2019 it is time again. The scent of roasted almonds and mulled wine fills the air in Gengenbach in the Black Forest. In front of the town hall, the one with candles ... go to Article

Nikon D5300 - Perfect travel logger camera

The perfect travel logger camera If I had not got the Nikon D5300 for my birthday, I would wish for Christmas. It is the (almost) perfect travel logger camera. It can do everything that makes my life as a travel blogger easier: it delivers high-resolution photos in outstanding quality. I can shoot video scenes with her. ... go to Article

Discover old Erzgebirge folk art

A trip to the Erzgebirge of artisans Erzgebirge folk art is famous. The manufacture of candle arches, pyramids, smokers, nutcrackers and other wooden figures has a long tradition in the Erzgebirge. In other words, the region is known for its woodwork and handicrafts. These belong along the border with the Czech Republic at Christmas. Meanwhile, this folk art but also to ... go to Article

German Christmas markets in Canada

Christmas Markets in Canada Few countries have so many cultures from all over the world as Canada does. Not a city where people from all over the world are not at home - in one especially diverse, such as in Toronto, where almost exactly half of the inhabitants in other countries ... go to Article

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