Tips for the Christmas season

Celebrate New Year's Eve with Aischgründer Carp

Why not celebrate New Year's Eve with Aischgründer carp? We visited the carp museum in Neustadt an der Aisch. In an old building on the city wall, the visitor learns everything there is to know about the Aischgründer carp. The carp is part of a traditional New Year's menu. Here you will find recipes on how to prepare carp yourself.

Beautiful Perchten from Ebensee

In Ebensee am Traunsee in Upper Austria there is a lot going on on January 5th. People are waiting for an event that takes place every year on the last Raunacht, the night before Heilig-Drei-König in Ebensee: the Glöckler run, the Schön Perchten von Ebensee in Upper Austria.

Christmas market in Heidelberg - where Christmas is romantic

At the Heidelberg Christmas market you can stroll past the wooden huts to the smell of mulled wine, Christmas cookies and almonds. There are handicrafts, Christmas decorations, Christmas tree decorations and maybe one or the other Christmas present for the family.

Christmas market Schweinfurt

At the Schweinfurt Christmas market, the wooden stalls with scents of cardamom, cloves and nutmeg, the two carousels, the children's ferris wheel and the Christmas tree in the middle of the market square create an Advent atmosphere on the square in front of the town hall on the Main.

When the Krampus bypass in Salzburg

When the Krampusse and Perchten go to Salzburg for Christmas, then all hell breaks loose in the Gnigl ​​district. The rough journeymen accompany Saint Nicholas on his way through the Salzburg foothills in the period before December 6th.

Macarons recipes for connoisseurs

Macarons come from France. In France, the meringue made from almond flour has been known since the Middle Ages. It is made from egg white, powdered sugar, very finely ground almonds and food coloring.

Advent in Salzburg

How beautiful Salzburg is in Advent can not only be experienced at the city's Christmas markets. The city is so lavishly decorated at Christmas that a simple stroll through the old town or a visit to the restaurant is enough to get you into the Christmas mood.

The Christmas market at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin

The Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin is located on the square, which is surrounded by two church buildings - the German Cathedral on one side of the square and the French Friedrichstadtkirche on the other. A Christmas tree completes the picture.

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