Summer vacation on the Aland archipelago

Aland Islands Advertisement - Have you ever thought about a summer vacation on the Aland Islands? We do. In fact, very intensely. The Aland Archipelago is one of our dream travel destinations: the sea is omnipresent. The world of the Finnish archipelago offers exactly what we are looking for an unforgettable holiday: lots of nature, good food, silence and seclusion. And[…]

Mini Cruise Baltic Sea - Practical travel information

With the ferries of the Tallink Silja Line you can take a mini-cruise from Stockholm via Helsinki to Tallinn and back to Stockholm. In this article, we present what you should pay attention to when planning and organizing.

Hotels in Helsinki city center with airport shuttle

Which hotel in downtown Helsinki offers an airport shuttle? This is good to know, as Helsinki Airport is about 20 km outside of the city. These four hotels organize an airport shuttle. However, there are also alternatives.

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