Farm shops with a café near Munich for the autumn outing

Do you like that too? Shopping in the farm shop and trying the homemade products there? I love enjoying hot chocolate with homemade cake from the farmer's kitchen. This is best done in farm shops with a café. We looked around for farm shops with cafés near Munich.

Camping at the Chiemsee - Here you will find campsites

When camping at the Chiemsee you can enjoy the best in Bavaria. On one side is the lake. On the other you can see the Chiemgau Alps. Chiemsee campsites can be found all around the lake. Some are right on the lake, others a little off the beaten track. However, the lake is never far away.

Chiemsee holiday tips for connoisseurs

Slow travelers and everyone who takes the time and leisure to get to know the Chiemsee and its surroundings will find suggestions and travel tips here. In Bavaria, the Chiemsee is also affectionately known as "the Bavarian Sea".

Tips for a Prien am Chiemsee vacation

We spend a weekend at the Chiemsee. We spend one day in Prien am Chiemsee, one of the places from which Herrenchiemsee Castle is easy to reach. You can easily get there by boat. There is also a culinary tip and a suggestion for wellness friends.

Discover the Waginger See and its surroundings

The Chiemgau Alps offer a great sight on a tour through the Alpine foothills. Sunny weather beckons for an Alpine panorama tour from Waginger See to Nussdorf in Chiemgau. With these tips you can enjoy this excursion.

How the Viktualienmarkt reflects Munich and its soul

Nowhere can you experience what makes Munich better than at Viktualienmarkt. This food market in the old town reflects the soul of the capital of Bavaria. With her warm, but also the rough sides. We invite you to take a stroll through the Viktualienmarkt.

Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour

A Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour is most fun on secondary routes away from traffic jams and highways. Drive slowly through the countryside. Keep an eye out for beautiful prospects. Enjoy the sun and the mild wind. That works particularly well in Chiemgau.

Chiemgau excursion destinations

The Chiemgau is one of the excursion regions in Bavaria that offer mountain landscapes as well as lakes and hill country in the foothills of the Alps. The Chiemsee is not called the "Bavarian Sea" for nothing. But its surroundings also have a lot to offer.

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