Elb-Havel angle

Making butter yourself in the butter barrel - That's how it works

Many years ago, my grandmother showed me how to make butter in a butter churn. As a child, I would often sit in her kitchen and watch her make butter. That was a long time ago though. I would like to make my own butter again like I used to. We were allowed to see how it works in the Laufmuseum in Klietz.

Hotel Seeblick in Klietz - A look into the cooking pots

The Elb-Havel-Winkel The Hotel Seeblick in Klietz * opens its kitchen for us. We are back in the Altmark region as kitchen spies. We were invited by the Elb-Havel-Winkel tourism authority in Saxony-Anhalt. This is the region on the other bank of the Elbe. Strictly speaking, the area no longer belongs to the Altmark. The Elbe separates the Elbe Havel Land from [...]

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