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Plum Pudding Recipe - How to prepare Christmas Pudding

Plum pudding in English style Plum pudding is part of the traditional Christmas festival in the UK like the Christstollen in Germany - with this plum pudding recipe you can make the Christmas pudding yourself. And maybe a little more tasty than this traditional dessert is generally said to be. Because not even the British agree on whether the plum pudding now ... go to Article

Irish specialties - reinterpreted

Irish food of today Typical Irish food. These are Irish Stew, Irish Coffee and Shepherd's Pie. Who does not know her? Typical Irish food is home-cooked food. It is hearty and hearty. Even poor people eating. At least those were Irish specialties, as I knew them so far. In recent years, however, a lot has happened in Ireland's kitchens. Well, many of these ... go to Article

Bon Appetit in Ireland - Discover Food Trends

Ireland's Food Trends Bon Appetit in Ireland! Ten years ago, I would have thought that I would never say that. Back then, the food on the island consisted mainly of overcooked cabbage or broccoli, potatoes and Irish stew. Some variety brought various kinds of root vegetables into the Essenseinerlei. Fruit was sought in vain on the ... go to Article

The Powerscourt Townhouse Center

The Powerscourt Townhouse Center in Dublin Few find their way to one of Dublin's finest shopping malls. The Powerscourt Townhouse Center is just steps away from the city's famous shopping street, Grafton Street. However, there is only a narrow passage leading past Bewley's Oriental Café. A rather inconspicuous street sign shows ... go to Article

A visit to the pub

A visit to the pub, the living room of the Irish During our stay in Dublin last autumn we had the opportunity to study the Irish pub culture a little more closely. The Dublin MM-City travel guide says that the pub counter is a fortress of the men's world. We cannot fully confirm that, as the picture shows. A visit to ... go to Article

What to do in rainy weather in Dublin?

Dublin in the rain? What now? What to do in rainy weather in Dublin? Quite simply: what you have planned. At least that's the motto of the Irish. When traveling to Ireland you always have to expect rain. We traveled to Dublin the day before a conference started to see the city ... go to Article

The doors of Dublin

At the TBEX Travel Blogger Conference in Dublin, we were asked what is typical of the capital of Ireland. Most said, Guinness and whiskey. And of course they are right. But there's more to it, which embodies the city on the Liffey for me - and these are the front doors of the dwellings. The houses themselves ... go to Article

How do you pour Guinness?

How to give a Guinness properly? One thing the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland, does not offer: Insights into the current production processes of the Irish traditional beer. A visit to the Guinness Storehouse is a visit to the museum, which revolves around the dark Ale from Ireland. Spread over several floors, the exhibition rooms of historic ... go to Article

Hotel in the center of Dublin

Downtown Dublin hotel Located in the center of Dublin, the Brooks Hotel * manages to offer its guests an oasis of tranquility amid the hustle and bustle of central Dublin. Its location is unbeatable: just a few steps from the shops of Grafton Street, Trinity College and the pubs of Temple Bar. go to Article

Cafe in the center of Dublin

Cafe in the center of Dublin with good coffee and nice Irishmen Even from the outside, the facade of Bewley's Oriental Cafe in the center of Dublin is inviting. It gets even better when we open the doors: immediately an appetizing coffee aroma flows to us, which entices us to taste the delicacies that are offered here. ... go to Article

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