Vianden - a castle in the Ourtal

Vianden Castle sits enthroned like an eagle's nest on a steep cliff above the Ourtal in the Ardennes. A sight that amazes us in disbelief. Vianden Castle is one of the most impressive castles in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg - a charming city of short ways

Luxembourg and its old town will surprise you. Instead of splendid and spacious places of power, we found a city center with winding streets and short distances. Discovering Luxembourg City is fun. The Luxembourg sights are close together.

A breakfast with a view of Luxembourg

In Luxembourg we spent two nights at the Sofitel Le Grand Ducal, a hotel in Luxembourg City. It is one of the luxury hotels in Luxembourg City. Even if you live on the other side of the gorge that separates the old town from the surrounding area, it is only a few minutes' walk to the center of town.

Luxembourg Specialties you should know

Do you want to try Luxembourg specialties? There is Grompere Kichelcher, Kuddelfleck, Andouillette, Träipen, Kallefskaap and more. Can't you imagine anything by that? Then this article will help. Here you will find a glossary and culinary recommendations what you can enjoy in Luxembourg.

Good food, wine and the Moselle in Luxembourg

We discovered three Luxembourg sights where you can enjoy life in Luxembourg on our drive through the country. What could be better than good food, wine and a romantic river like the Moselle to enjoy life?

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