A day in Stockholm

A day in Stockholm? The best place to start is in the old town. Stockholm's core cell is Gamla Stan, the old town from which the city has expanded in all directions and across several islands over the centuries. The quickest way to reach many parts of the city is by ship.

Copenhagen Oslo with the Crown ferry

The ferries "Crown" and "Pearl" of DFDS Seaways shipping company from Denmark, commute back and forth between Copenhagen and Oslo. We travel to Oslo on the national holiday with the Crown. Even the boarding is more reminiscent of a cruise ship than a ferry. The crossing is similar.

Mini Cruise Baltic Sea - Practical travel information

With the ferries of the Tallink Silja Line you can take a mini-cruise from Stockholm via Helsinki to Tallinn and back to Stockholm. In this article, we present what you should pay attention to when planning and organizing.

A touch of Bullerbü and Lönneberga in Asens By

This is exactly how I imagined Sweden to be: pretty, red-painted wooden houses with proper, white windows with crochet curtains blocking the view of the interior. But blooming cherry trees and wild violets attract our attention.

Candy canes from Gränna - make Polkagrisar himself

Candy canes from Gränna in Sweden - in the small town of Gränna, right on the shores of Lake Vättern, there is one candy store after the other. They all continue the legacy of "Aunt Amalia", a widow who had to support her child after the sudden death of her husband.

Gamla Stan, Old Town of Stockholm

For those who come to Stockholm for the first time, Gamla Stan is a must. This is where the core of Stockholm is, from which the city developed. The art galleries, cafés, restaurants and craft shops are not to be missed.

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