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Discover Lake Bled Slovenia in two days

Lake Bled in Slovenia Discover Bled at Lake Bled in Slovenia with us. We spent two days looking at the city, the lake and the surrounding area. We knew that Bled on Lake Bled is a beautiful place even before we arrived. No wonder! Slovenia adorns itself in almost every advertising brochure ... go to Article

Mouthwatering Wine Tasting in Slovenia - Discover where you can find it

Slovenia Destinations for Wine Lovers - We visit Slovenia travel destinations and Slovenia attractions for wine lovers. We experience Malvasia wine and more Slovenian wines in the Vipava Valley and in other wine regions of the country. Green hills invite us to excursions. Winegrowers open their wine cellars for wine lovers. Wine roads lure with landscapes and restaurants. In the vineyard you can even ... go to Article

Best restaurants and cafes in Ljubljana

Which restaurants and cafes in Ljubljana are recommended? What are the best restaurants and cafes in Ljubljana? Some time ago we went on a flying visit to Ljubljana and stopped for a rest in one of the cafés along the riverbank. For a closer look at the culinary scene of the city, the time was enough ... go to Article

Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels - where anti aging is cult

The Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels Have you ever enjoyed an anti-aging lunch in the Portoroz Lifeclass hotels? Neither do I. At least not before our stay this year. Actually, I had never heard of it before our stay at Hotel Apollo and did not know that there was such a thing. The Hotel Apollo is ... go to Article

Tomaž Kavčič - Slovenian cuisine

You can experience Slovenian culinary art not far from Vipava. In any case, on our journey through Slovenia we were fortunate enough to meet one of Slovenia's outstanding chefs. Tomaž Kavčič runs the restaurant "Pri Lojzetu" in the castle Zemono in its fourth generation. The culinary art in his family so far back. He has her … go to Article

Three treat tips for Slovenia

These three enjoyment tips for Slovenia make a tour of this country a special experience for those who love to enjoy excellent cuisine, like to relax in spas and dine not only with the palate, but also dine with beautiful views want. With these three enjoyment tips for ... go to Article

Three Slovenian attractions off the coast

Attractions in Slovenia Three Slovenia off-shore attractions we have recently met. We have heard on our trip that it draws most Slovenia visitors immediately to the sea. To our shame, I must confess that until a few years ago, we did not think otherwise either. No wonder! From Munich to Ankaran are ... go to Article

Sweet Radovljica in Slovenia

Sweet Radovljica in Slovenia! As ambiguous as it sounds, so it is. On the one hand, the small town of Radovljica in northwestern Slovenia is a sweet little place. Its medieval town center is still well preserved. Even so good that the pillory still stands on a wall. However, the city made it easy for the evildoers. The pillory ... go to Article

This is how Slovenian food tastes

Slovenian food was one of the themes of our journey from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. We were curious and wanted to know more about it. Already in the spring we had collected impressions on our trip to Kamnik. This time we also wanted to discover the cuisine of Slovenia. It quickly became clear that Slovenian food was influenced by many nations ... go to Article

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