Lloret de Mar sights

Which sights in and around Lloret de Mar are worth visiting? The Costa Brava region is more than just a beach holiday destination. Discover beautiful gardens, Art Nouveau from Catalonia and an impressive cemetery.

Mallorca: history, pleasure and nature

For many Germans, the Balearic island of Mallorca is synonymous with party and beach holidays. But dismissing the island as a mass tourism destination does not do it justice. Mallorca's history, enjoyment and nature also make it a good travel destination.

El Caminito del Rey, Andalusia - Hotels

  The Caminito del Rey has been reopened for hikers since March 2015. Before that, it was closed for 14 years. The reason was that numerous hikers and climbers had crashed in the vertical gorge. Until it was closed, it was considered the most dangerous hiking trail in the world. No wonder if you look at the photos from earlier times [...]

Lloret de Mar Costa Brava: that's how the Catalans celebrate

Celebrate on the Costa Brava Fancy a party? Yeah ?! In Lloret de Mar Costa Brava people like to celebrate and often. A pool party with trendy music, colorful spotlights and lots of fun in the swimming pool of our hotel is popular with teenagers. Food trucks are guests in the town square of Lloret de Mar at the beginning of May. They attract the [...]

Where do bananas grow in Tenerife?

Tenerife and its banana fields How do bananas grow in Tenerife? Bananas! There are bananas on terraces. Bananas also grow on mountain slopes. Bananas in fields that slope towards the sea. The banana plantations on Tenerife are in all possible locations in the southwest of the island. With a view of mountains. Clinging to slopes or fields that are flat [...]

Play golf in Tenerife south

Tenerife is not unjustifiably nicknamed the "Island of Eternal Spring", as it lies in the transition area between the subtropics and the temperate zone. The average annual temperatures in Tenerife are a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius and vary little over the year. Tenerife owes this to the cool ocean current and the Azores high, in whose sphere of influence [...]

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