Franche Comté

In the houseboat on the Saone in Franche Comté

Out and about with the houseboat on the Saone. Our tour with the houseboat on the Saone starts in the small town of Gray, about 50 minutes by car northwest of Besancon in France. You can find out what you can experience on the way here.

Three villages of the Saone in the Franche Comté

They are quiet and contemplative, the Saone villages in Franche Comté in eastern France. This makes them just the thing for a relaxing holiday for connoisseurs. We saw some of them on our houseboat tour from Gray to Scey sur Saone.

The Saone in Franche Comté - the river of the swans

You can enjoy nature on the Saone in Franche Comté. Nowhere else have I seen so many swans as on the Saone. During the five days of our houseboat tour, we met swans in every place, in every bay and in every marina.

How to prepare an absinthe drink

Absinthe is a drink with a story. It came into fashion in Switzerland at the end of the 19th century, but continued its success story almost immediately in France. It consists of herbs: including anise, fennel, lemon balm, hyssop and St. John's wort.

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