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Three attractive villages in North Holland

Interesting Places in North Holland We visit interesting places in the north of Holland. On our journey to the north of Holland we had two destinations. On the one hand, we wanted to see the tulip blossom. On the other hand, we wanted to see if the stereotypes circulating about Holland apply. We went in search of cheese, clogs and canals. Finds were ... go to Article

Keukenhof Holland to the tulip blossom

The Tulip Blossom at Keukenhof Holland Holland is a veritable sea of ​​tulips, hyacinths and daffodils from March to May. That's why the spring blossom in Keukenhof in Lisse is so popular. We have stayed here twice and loved it. By the way, there are also beautiful spring gardens in other countries, such as Noel in his report on Spring Gardens ... go to Article

Tour of the port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam Right next to the Erasmus Bridge, which looks like a folded harp, our ship leaves. The sun shines from the almost cloudless sky and the wind blows around our noses as we set out for the Atlantic. We want to look at Europe's largest container port. Twenty-five kilometers away is the sea from downtown ... go to Article

Pilgrim Fathers Museum in Leiden Holland

What do the Pilgrim Fathers have to do with Leiden Holland? Very easily. Before the Pilgrim Fathers began their journey to America, they tried to live a life of their own in Leiden. The Pilgrim Fathers belonged to a group of radical religious separatists. They renounced the Church of England and demanded ... go to Article

Get to know Holland from the boat

Leiden Get to know Holland from the boat We have already experienced a lot, but a city tour by boat is not one of the usual experiences on our pleasure trips. On our trip to Holland, the water played a big role. We slept the three nights during our stay in a houseboat. So what was ... go to Article

Houseboat in Holland as an alternative to the hotel

A houseboat in Holland as an alternative to the hotel? We asked ourselves this question during the travel planning of our blogger trip to Blumencorso in Bollenstreek in Holland. The reason for this was that it was difficult to get a hotel for a group of seven people during the festival time. Simone from suggested us instead ... go to Article

KLM and a carefree day in Amsterdam

A day in Amsterdam What does KLM have to do with a carefree day in Amsterdam, you ask yourself? The answer is quite simple: the luggage and an upgrade to Business Class. At the end of our trip to Blumencorso in Bollenstreek we had booked a late-night flight from Amsterdam to Munich, to get a whole ... go to Article

Dinner on the beach at Nederzandt Strandplaats

During our trip to the flower corso in Bollenstreek we discovered a great restaurant for a romantic dinner on the beach or a dinner with friends in Noordwijk in Holland: the beach platter Nederzandt. Just the idea of ​​setting up a restaurant in the middle of the dunes deserves respect. From this then a restaurant as excellent as the ... go to Article

Four exceptional hotels in the north of Holland

Four exceptional hotels in the north of Holland On our spring trip to the tulips, we met four very different hotels in the north of Holland. Each one of them already promises a very special experience. One thing was common to all of them. They offer an interesting story and an overnight stay that taken on its own ... go to Article

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