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Fancy a Roadtrip on the Route of Delights?

The route of delights is in the border triangle of Franconia, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. It is one of the youngest holiday routes in Germany. We were there and discovered something delightful for all the senses.

5 wine places for a wine weekend in the Main Valley

Five wine locations in Franconia for a wine weekend in Franconia? When the winegrowers harvest their grapes in autumn, it becomes exciting in the wine regions. How was the summer How much sun did the grapes get? How will the new year be? Then you celebrate the start of the wine harvest on the Main.

Miltenberg am Main - Enjoying tours in town & country

Enjoy Miltenberg am Main Seldom does a city inspire us as quickly as Miltenberg am Main in Churfranken in the north of Bavaria. Anyone who has been following our blog for a long time knows that we love culinary regions and cities with flair. Miltenberg in Franconia is exactly that. A place for connoisseurs, in the middle of the wine region of Churfranken am Main ... go to Article

Sculptures make themselves on the Main

You can make sculptures yourself in the small village Dorfprozelten am Main. The stonemason and sculptor Alexander Schwarz offers workshops for this purpose. We already heard from him during our first visit to Churfranken in the spring. That had made us curious. That's why we visited him on our journey along the Route of Delights. ... go to Article

Wine from the Main in the Häckerwirtschaft

It's time to celebrate! As soon as we enter the Häckerwirtschaft of the winery Waigand from Erlenbach, the young winemaker Verena Waigand reaches out to greet us while one of her little sons looks at us curiously from her shoulder. He learns - together with his twin brother - from an early age, what it means on a ... go to Article

Golf Country around Miltenberg

For three days we are on the road in the Golf Country around Miltenberg am Main. We want to get to know two out of four golf courses in the Gulf region of Churfranken. The Golf- & Countryclub Erftal in Eichenbühl-Guggenberg as well as the Golfpark Rosenhof in Niedernberg. As non-golfers, we are also curious about what awaits us. Densely wooded landscapes between ... go to Article