Nine things and Saxon specialties from the Ore Mountains

Neunerlei and Saxony's home-made food in the Ore Mountains What is a Neunerlei and what kinds of Saxon specialties from the Ore Mountains are there? We got to the bottom of this question between Seiffen, Annaberg-Buchholz and Oberwiesenthal (map). That's why we spent three days on a culinary journey of discovery through the Ore Mountains. The region in Saxony is ideal for this in the run-up to Christmas. [...]

Castle Proschwitz unbelievable success story

Proschwitz Castle is Saxony's largest private winery, as we learn from Princess Alexandra zur Lippe. It has been owned by Prince Georg zur Lippe again since 1996. Today the castle is used for events and wine is grown on the slopes above Meißen.

Castle Tours in Germany to famous Castles in Saxony

Everyone who likes castles should know these three baroque castles in Saxony: The Dresden Zwinger impresses with its orangery. Wackerbarth Castle in Radebeul offers excellent wines, and Moritzburg Castle is in a great location as a moated castle

So a visit to Castle Mildenstein is an experience

After the guided tour through the castle grounds, you go to the black kitchen at Mildenstein Castle in Saxony. There, an open wood fire is smoking under metal kettles hanging from the ceiling. Clay bowls full of onions, carrots, beans, leeks and herbs are waiting for us. We learn how to cook in the castle in the Middle Ages.

Mango-mint smoothie with tortellini salad

Recipe for a mango-mint smoothie with pizza tortellini salad. We tried the recipe for the smoothie for the first time in the monastery kitchen in Altzella Monastery in Saxony. The herbs came from the monastery garden.

Discover old Erzgebirge folk art

Erzgebirge folk art is famous. The manufacture of candle arches, pyramids, smokers, nutcrackers and other wooden figures has a long tradition in the Ore Mountains. As early as the 16th century, miners used their free time to work the wood in the region. Many still do this today.

Which recipes make mulled wine a pleasure

Mulled wine tastes best when it is homemade. With the mulled wine ingredients you can determine the taste yourself. Here you can find out which mulled wine recipes we particularly like. For example, do you know the oldest mulled wine recipe? Or a recipe for white mulled wine?

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