Emilia Romagna

What can you do in Cesenatico?

The name Cesenatico has made me long for holidays since I was a child. Vacation, which in this case means lounging on the beach. Just a few days of idleness, sleeping in, soaking up the sun and looking to cool down in the sea every now and then. But there is more …

Cesenatico restaurants serve cocktails and pasta

Cocktails and pasta in the Cesenatico restaurants - what could be nicer than sitting in a bar on a beach holiday on the Adriatic coast or enjoying Italian dolce far niente in one of the restaurants.

Italian hard cheese from Emilia Romagna

An Italian hard cheese comes from the region around Sogliano al Rubicone. Fossa cheese is a special cheese that owes its name to the way it is made. Slow Food Emilia Romagna interests us in the area of ​​Cesenatico.

Elvis lives - in Emilia Romagna!

Elvis lives! In Sogliano al Rubicone in Emilia Romagna. If you don't believe it, we recommend a visit to the Palazzo della Cultura of this small village that towers in the hills above Cesenatico. Here you not only have great views, but also immerse yourself in music history.

Good wines grow in Emilia Romagna

We visit the Tenuta Neri winery, which is located in the hills above the seaside resort of Cesenatico. A low building stands in a lot on one of the hills above the city. Valeria and Giovanni Tenuta Neri live here and have a long family tradition of growing wine.

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