The Fisheries Museum in Twillingate Newfoundland

Just across the bridge over the narrow canal that separates South Twillingate Island from the main island of Newfoundland, on the left is the Twillingate Newfoundland Fisheries Museum - Prime Berth. There you can learn everything about fishing in Newfoundland.

Twillingate Newfoundland - At the wild coast

There are places where you feel like you are in another world. You can enjoy nature here. The coast off Twillingate Newfoundland is one of them. Where people hardly have anything to say. Where nature takes over. Where the elements determine what happens.

L'Anse from Meadows, Newfoundland

L'Anse from Meadows - Viking settlement and fishing village Even if the small town of L'Anse aux Meadows on the northwest coast of Newfoundland is mainly known for the world-famous archaeological excavation site, where Helge Ingstad and his wife Anne Stine proved that the Vikings around the year 1000 AD actually reached the coasts of North America, the fishing village [...]

The five most beautiful beaches in Canada

The Five Most Beautiful Beaches in Canada Canada is usually associated with wild national parks, deep forests, and grizzly bears. Hardly anyone thinks of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. Most tourists do not know that Canada also has breathtaking beaches to offer. But a trip to the beach is definitely worth it, especially since the mild water temperatures in summer are also [...]

Storytelling is a tradition in Newfoundland and Labrador

Storyteller marketing in Newfoundland and Labrador has a long tradition. Whether in storyteller events, at parties with friends or in literature - the Newfoundlanders tell stories. Willingly. Inventive. Adventurous. Newfoundland is made for stories of all kinds:

The Cabots and their voyages of discovery

John Cabot and the Cabots' voyages of discovery John Cabot? - ca 1498 Little is known about John Cabot. His real name was Giovanni Caboto. He received the citizenship status of Venice in 1476. The English King Henry VII hired him around 1496 for a voyage of discovery to the west with the task of looking for a way to Asia. From[…]

Romantic dinner in Cupids Newfoundland

Romantic dinner in Cupids Newfoundland Before we arrived, all I knew about the small town of Cupids on the east coast of Newfoundland was that it was the place in Canada that has been inhabited by Europeans for the longest time. However, there was not much more to find out about this stage destination of our Newfoundland trip. "All right," I thought. "This is certainly one of those places where the [...]

Newfoundland, Canada - the island of explorers

Perhaps it is because of its location that the island of Newfoundland, Canada has a number of explorers in its history. Not all of them are from the island, some discovered it themselves. But it is noticeable that we repeatedly come across enterprising and courageous adventurers on our trip through Newfoundland, Canada, who in [...]

Exceptional hotels: sleeping in an old church

  We already got to know some interesting places to stay overnight on our travels, but that was something new: in Cupids, Newfoundland, you can sleep in an old church - or rather, in a bed and breakfast that is housed in a former church building. On our Newfoundland trip last year before our tour we had [...]

Iceberg Beer from Newfoundland

The Iceberg Beer from Newfoundland tastes good! I'm usually more of a wine drinker. But in Newfoundland I was taught otherwise, because there is a beer there that you won't find anywhere else in the world: the Iceberg Beer from the Quidi Vidi Brewery in St. John's Newfoundland. It is so fizzy and just tastes good in the summer heat[…]

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