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The best farmers markets in Canada

The best farmers' markets in Canada In Canada, the trend towards locally produced food is establishing itself. Fresh fruit and vegetables from farmers in the region are naturally ripened and taste different from products that have traveled a long way and had an artificially interrupted ripening period. In addition, you save the enormous transport costs and protect the environment, [...]

Shopping experience in Nova Scotia

A garden can hardly be more varied than the Tangled Gardens in Nova Scotia: we walk through a herb garden in which well-known and unknown types of herbs sprout abundantly. It looks a little wild, but it is still unmistakable that there is a clever helping hand behind it.

The market of St John New Brunswick

Don't miss St John's Market New Brunswick St John's Market is lively, with vendors loudly touting their wares, ranging from seafood of all varieties including delicious Bay of Fundy lobster to fruit and vegetables from the Bay of Fundy Region, meats and cheeses from all over the world[…]

Vienna Shopping away from the mainstream

Discover Vienna shopping tips away from the big shopping streets and shopping centers. Lucie is a petite, friendly New Yorker who shows us Vienna from her perspective. She is Vienna's shopping guide and takes her guests to shops away from the city's main shopping streets.

From fish lobster and caviar

From fish lobster and caviar He is Austria's only producer of caviar: Walter Grüll, who breeds sturgeon in Grödig in the Salzburg region. And that's not all! The caviar that he breeds - in addition to fish, lobster and oysters - is not just any type of caviar, but white caviar, making it the most expensive food in the world. One gram[…]

Quebec souvenirs full of nostalgia

in the village of Kamouraska on the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada, there are shops where you can buy good Quebec souvenirs. If you enjoy visiting corner shops and being pampered with delicacies from the village bakery, you should plan a few hours on your trip through eastern Canada.

Shopping Mall Fort Lauderdale - Shopping with fun in Florida

A shopping mall in Fort Lauderdale? This is clearly more than the usual malls that are otherwise found in American cities. You should take your time for this, because the shopping centers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offer more than just elegant shopping temples.

How a rag rug Sweden becomes a souvenir

Swedish rag rugs as a souvenir? We wanted to find out what typical souvenirs from Sweden are. The first thing that came to mind was furniture and design. Swedish design is known for cool shapes, colors and straight lines.

Texel Tips for gourmets - Discover great island specialties

In these Texel restaurant tips we present restaurants, specialties and experiences with which you can explore the culinary delights of the island of Texel. These experiences for foodies are exciting and make the island vacation a stay for connoisseurs.

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