Markets & Shops

How the Viktualienmarkt reflects Munich and its soul

Nowhere can you experience what makes Munich better than at Viktualienmarkt. This food market in the old town reflects the soul of the capital of Bavaria. With her warm, but also the rough sides. We invite you to take a stroll through the Viktualienmarkt.

What you make from maple syrup

One hour drive east from Ottawa, Ontario to Fulton's Sugar Bush. This is a maple syrup farm, where from February to April you can see how the sap of the sugar maple trees is boiled down to make maple syrup.

Everything for the Christmas goose - shopping tour for goose food

Hardly anything is as typical as the Christmas goose on the holidays. A Christmas goose brings back memories of childhood. Christmas parties with parents and grandparents. We have a long tradition of eating goose. Even today it is part of Christmas like hardly any other meal. You can prepare it yourself. Or enjoy in the restaurant.

Texel Tips for gourmets - Discover great island specialties

In these Texel restaurant tips we present restaurants, specialties and experiences with which you can explore the culinary delights of the island of Texel. These experiences for foodies are exciting and make the island vacation a stay for connoisseurs.

Vienna Shopping away from the mainstream

Discover Vienna shopping tips away from the big shopping streets and shopping centers. Lucie is a petite, friendly New Yorker who shows us Vienna from her perspective. She is Vienna's shopping guide and takes her guests to shops away from the city's main shopping streets.

Kensington Market Toronto

Toronto's Kensington Market is a great place to explore Toronto's multicultural mix. Here you will find shops and restaurants that show the cultural diversity of Toronto.

Salzburg shops with tradition

Shopping in Salzburg is fun. But there is more. Salzburg shops with tradition tell stories from the old Salzburg region and Austria. Many of the shops in Mozart's city are reminiscent of life in the past.

Sanibel Island, Florida - This island is all about shells

If you visit Sanibel Island in Florida, you can't avoid the topic of mussels. The Sanibel Island Florida Beaches are a treasure trove for shell collectors. You can find mussels everywhere: on the beach, in the souvenir shop, in the restaurant and even in the museum.

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